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Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers Reviews – What do we do?

At C-ELMR, we place all our focus on reviewing cordless electric mowers. Even though our focus lies mainly on cordless electric mower reviews, we also give recall notices on mowers that have company callbacks and suggest the best places to locate hard to get lawn mower parts and accessories. We also do comparisons of lawn mowers of similar qualities so that people can make the best choice for their individual needs and budgets. Here is a list of all the types of reviews done here:

  • Cordless Electric Mowers Reviews

    1. Robotic Lawn Mowers Reviews
    2. Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers Reviews
    3. Self Propelled Battery Mower Reviews

How do we conduct our reviews?

There are 10 factors that we consider when doing our reviews of cordless electric mowers and the other yard care electric products mentioned above. For each review we will consider the following:


  1. Power

  2. Design

  3. Performance

  4. Efficiency and ease of use 

  5. Durability

  6. Ease of locating replacements for wearable parts

  7. Value

  8. Complaints from buyers

  9. Praises from buyers

  10. Customer service support from the company


The power we are looking for is based on the job that the tool is going to perform and how long it can do it for without the battery dying. We will consider the voltage of the batteries used in the product and the horsepower it drives from the machine.


The design of a mower is one of the most important features. For each review we will consider the following design aspects:

Size and Weight:

  • Must be able to fit in the back of a normal-sized van
  • It must be light enough to be easily handled so that it is not inconvenient to use without being a bodybuilder.

Start option:

  • For electric devices, a push-button start option is preferred.
  • Ease of starting with the pull string option.

Safety features and signals:

  • Protection from blades and other dangerous parts.
  • Warning signals for overheating battery etc.
  • It should have a battery charge level signal system so that you can have a relative idea of how much charge is left in the battery.

Adjustable heights available:

  • It should be high enough to get taller weeds and avoid stones of reasonable sizes.
  • It should be low enough to get that nice golf lawn look.
  • Heights should be available in between high and low.
  • One handle for adjusting all four wheels is preferred.
  • It should be easy to adjust.

Noise level:

  • Should not disturb the neighbor’s football game!
  • Ideally, it should not wake the baby in your house or your miserable wife.


  • How well it gets the job done.
  • How much area it can cover.
  • How well each feature works compared to the company claims.

Efficiency and ease of use: 

  • How easy it is to start.
  • How easy it is to maneuver around the lawn or bushes considering rocks and hills.
  • How easy it is to make adjustments.
  • How easy it is to charge the batteries.
  • How easy it is to remove grass if bagging is included.


  • How long the device lasts before getting a replacement.
  • How long wearable parts last for.

Ease of locating replacement parts and accessories

  • How compatible the batteries and chargers are with other machines of similar specs
  • How easy is it to find replacements for wearable parts online or in stores


After considering all of the factors mentioned above, is the cordless electronic mower worth it? Some brands will give a killer price for a product that is all hype and no substance. We will try to filter these for you so that you do not make the mistake of buying them and then end up being sourly disappointed with your purchase.

Complaints from buyers

We will look around on the online stores and other online discussions to find out what people are really saying about the products. If you look on the company Website you will see all shining reviews. This is because they can filter and reject certain reviews. We will try to dig and find the truth.

Praise from buyers

To be fair, we will also consider the positive comments given on the product indicating the best part of owning the electric device.

Customer Service support from the company

If the customer complaints are resolved then there should not be a problem.

  • How easy it to contact the manufacturer of the reviewed product
  • How well they deal with customer complaints

About Authors

Mezmark and Crystal are the main contributing authors to this Website. Mezmark does the hands-on digging and testing of the devices while Crystal does the writing. It is a team effort! We both believe in environmentally friendly solutions to everyday problems. We believe that electronic lawn mowers are easier to use and more environmentally friendly than gas-powered lawn mowers, so gas-powered lawn mowers are excluded from our reviews.


He is a very hands-on guy at home and he has done some work in gardening and yard care. He likes to see when all his tools are working well. He came up with the idea of reviewing yard care items after coming into contact with some awful products on the market over the years. He hopes that these reviews will help to prevent people from making the same mistakes and save some hard-earned money.


I am a Medical student who also has a passion for writing. I also love to get my hands dirty on occasion but my passion lies in the medical field. I have two other Websites dedicated to the medical field:

For C-ELMR or “Elmer” as we call it, I do the writing while Alex does the harder work of researching and testing where possible. We work together to get great reviews out to you the reader.

You can contact us at mowers@cordlesselectricmowersreviews.com or visit our Contact C-ELMR page to get a quicker response. We take lawn mower review requests and also offer suggestions for the best lawn mower for your lawn size and the type and also your budget. We also suggest repair shops for damaged mowers based on your location.