Black & Decker CM2060 – Black Decker 60V mower review

Black & Decker CM2060 60V Lithium 3-in-1 Cordless Mower, 20″

Approx. USD $350.00
Black & Decker CM2060 60V Lithium 3-in-1 Cordless Mower, 20″







        Efficiency and Ease of Use




            Ease of finding replacement parts




                Pros and Praises from buyers

                • 3-in-1 mulching, bagging and sideways discharge
                • Mows wet lawn well
                • Not noisy
                • One handle adjusts all wheel heights
                • Light and easy to push
                • Comes with two 60V batteries
                • Has safety key feature
                • Easy folding for more storage space
                • Easy to locate replacement parts online

                Cons and complaints from buyers

                • Batteries are rated poorly
                • Takes 5hrs to charge
                • Battery indicators are not very accurate
                • Only has one space on the charger so you cannot charge both batteries at the same time

                Black & Decker CM2060 review was done to see how well it performs when compared to the Black & Decker CM2040. Both B&D mowers are battery operated lawn mowers, which is powered by 40-volt and 60v Lithium batteries. The 40V batteries in the cm2040 line were not very durable and made customers who had lawns bigger than 1/6 acres very frustrated as they would die really fast. Is this CM2060 mower any better? And if so, why would you choose Black and Decker CM2060 cordless lawn mower over it’s competitors? Let’s examine.

                These are the areas of major importance to you when purchasing a mower from Black & Decker or any other brand so these are what we focused on:


                1. Design
                2. Power and Performance
                3. Efficiency and ease of use
                4. Durability
                5. Ease of locating replacement parts
                6. Customer service from company
                7. Value

                C-ELMR Product Review 100018

                Product: Black & Decker CM2060 60V Lithium 3-in-1 Cordless Mower, 20″

                General Market Price: USD $400

                Warranty: 3 years

                Best Deal Online: Target or Amazon (cheaper)

                What’s inside the box? (Click image to view on Amazon)


                • (1) CM2060C 60V MAX* POWERSWAP™ 20 in Cordless Mower



                • (2) LBX2560 60V MAX* Lithium Ion Batteries
                • (1) Charger  (Charges both the 20v and the 60v batteries)

                After taking a good look into this mower, we found some good and bad qualities. We also found some improvements from the cm 2040. To explain them better, we will start with explaining the design of the B&D cm2060 mower and then move from there.


                Design – Good but has battery and charging issues. 

                Specs on Mower:

                You will need to watch it to understand the review so take a few minutes to do so

                The video above showed all the important features of the mower but we also found some flaws

                B&D created a pretty good mower, definitely better than the Black and Decker 40V, 20″ CM2040 mower that we reviewed recently but this mower design also has some minor flaws.


                The Good:

                • One handle adjusts all four wheels for easy height adjustments
                • Good variance in height adjustments for different levels of grass up to 4 inches.
                • The wheels are found closer to the center of the mower than the blades, therefore, you get some great edging done.
                • Comes with two 60v batteries so one can be charged while the other is running.
                • Easy to start. You simply plug in the key, press the button on the handle, then use your other hand to pull the start handle.
                • Has the safety key feature
                • Light and easy to maneuver – 47lbs
                • Not very noisy.


                The bad:

                • Only has one space on the charger so you cannot charge both batteries at the same time

                Improvements from CM2040:

                • 1 extra height adjustment
                • Higher voltage and Ah batteries
                • Has automatic power adjustments according to workload

                That’s it really :\ but the absence of these features were the main reasons why we rated the CM2040 so poorly in the last B&D CM2040 mower review 


                Power and Performance – Impressive compared to CM2040

                This mower houses two  batteries but only uses 1 60V , 2.5Ah battery at a time. There are more powerful mowers out there with 4Ah and 5Ah batteries that will perform better but here this price is lower  so we will ignore those. This mower was meant to mow lawns of 1/3 acres and less. Does it work or will it die early?

                It works.

                Take a look at this video

                Battery life


                The Good:

                • The blades arrive sharpened and they are pretty sturdy.
                • Bagging, mulching and sideways discharge are good.
                • Handles wet lawn well
                • Mower does not allow the first battery completely drain before switching to the next.
                • Handles tall grass well without stalling if the mower is adjusted to its highest height adjustment. (Improvement from CM2040)

                The bad:

                • The battery indicators are not very accurate. The first light goes out really fast then the second one takes some time to go, then the third goes really fast.
                • The battery dies fast in mulching, especially when mulching in tall grass.

                Efficiency and Ease of Use – Again with the batteries.

                This mower is very easy to use. Not 100% efficient at doing its job but it does pretty good, especially for the price.

                The good:

                • Removing and replacing the battery is made simple by the “powersnap”  feature. Just a fancy way of saying – you just push the batteries in and it snaps in place.
                • Charging it is simple, just plug the charger to a power outlet and place the battery in the allotted slot.
                • Ergonomics are great. You will have no problem maneuvering this light mower around your lawn.
                • Comfortable placement of handles to transport mower to and from the garage.
                • Fitting and removing the bag it is no trouble at all.
                • The areas where the chutes can be place for sideways discharge are sealed very securely during bagging and mulching as you could see in the video. No grass will escape.
                • Adjusting the handle height is made simple by the adjusters on the handle. You do not need to screw until it is tightened like most mowers. There is a handle to snap closed which immediately tightens the screw after adjusting your handle.
                • You can fold the handle over the mower for more storage space.

                The bad:

                • Takes too long for batteries to charge. If you run through both batteries in a mow, hang up your gloves because these guys will be charging for the next four hours…each.

                Durability – How long will your B&D mower last?

                I do not trust plastic decked mowers but at the very least, they give us light mowers. The batteries are still not lasting. These mowers are fairly new and I am already seeing complaints about the batteries. Wheels, blades and motor seem fine so far. I’ll update if anything changes.


                Ease of locating replacement parts – Very, Very Easy

                Batteries, chargers and blades can all be found on amazon so no worries here. P.S. Batteries are rated poorly on amazon. Take a look at the live feed below with the current rating 

                Customer service from company


                Value – Are you getting your money’s worth?

                For a small lawn, at approximately USD $350.00 on Amazon, 2 batteries and charger included, it is a good deal and a good purchase but If you need more run time and shorter charging time would take a look at the suggestions below. Also, ensure that you check out online prices before buying from your local stores. They sometimes charge a lot more.



                Other Options 

                1. GreenWorks Mowers – 80V self propelled mower or 80V push mower
                2. Ego 56V, 5Ah Self Propelled Mower
                3. Snapper 82V mower
                4. Kobalt 80V Mower


                Review Overview and Final Remarks


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                I am a lover of people and all things natural. Big tree huger alert but I love when things work the way that they were meant to. Eco-Friendly does not mean that people should suffer to make it happen. My reviews here will help you to find the best Eco-Friendly alternative to your gas mower. If the electric mower is trash, you can trust and believe that I will give it a bad review, tree hugger or not.

                4 Replies to “Black & Decker CM2060 – Black Decker 60V mower review

                1. after one year could only do half yard both batteries gone
                  never buy another one cost to much only last one year

                  1. B&D really needs to do something about those batteries. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Take a look at the other mowers we reviewed to see if you can find one suitable for your lawn. We recommend Greenworks and Kobalt 80V mowers. Excellent reviews so far and no battery issues.

                2. I have never considered getting an electric mower. I have always owned a gas mower. Now I am looking at all my options, because my son and I recently moved, and we left most everything behind. I love to mow the yard, and right now I have a guy come do it for me. I want to start mowing again, so have been researching what mower is going to work the best for me. I really don’t have that big of a yard. That would be my only concern, is how long the battery life actually is. Also, how is the power on a cordless electric mower compared to a gas mower. If you had to pick the reason for purchasing a cordless electric mower over a gas mower, what would be the main reason?

                  1. There are electric mowers that pack the same power as gas mowers. One of the main reasons why this Website was created is to help people find an eco friendly alternative to gas mowers. Electric mowers have zero harmful emissions and are less noisy.  I am going to post a blog about the advantages of electric mowers. Subscribe to our Website and you will get a notification in your email when it becomes available.  

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