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Earthwise 65821 58 Volt Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower

USD 400.00







Efficiency and Ease of Use






Ease of locating replacement parts




Pros and Praises from buyers

  • 3in1 function; mulches, bags and discharges sideways
  • Folding feature allowing for easy storage
  • Durable brushless motor
  • Easy assembly and handling
  • Simple push to start button
  • Great cutting width (21 inches)
  • Cutting Height adjustable with just a single lever
  • Handle has Cushioned grip

Cons and complaints from buyers

  • Comes with only one battery
  • Battery recharge time is too long
  • Too difficult to find parts and extra battery
  • Not self propelled

Finally, we bring you the Earthwise 65821 58 Volt Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower Review. These Earthwise lawn mower reviews will help you to compare Earthwise electric mowers to other electric mowers in the same category.

So far, users are pretty impressed with the performance of the Earthwise 65821 58 Volt Mower. The Earthwise series of mowers vary greatly in design, performance, and prices but we intend to help you understand these differences here at C-ELMR by giving you detailed reviews of each. The lawnmower you eventually decide to buy will determine whether or not you get true value for your money, a great looking lawn, and a good number of years from your purchase.

Based on your lawn type, when buying a lawnmower, you usually have certain aspects and specifications in mind that you expect the product to meet. We’ve got you covered! Below are the most important categories which we have reviewed for you:

  1. Design
  2. Power and Performance
  3. Efficiency and ease of use
  4. Durability
  5. Ease of acquiring replacement parts
  6. Warranty and quality of customer service
  7. Overall value

C-ELMR Product Review 100026

Product: Earthwise 65821 58 Volt 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower

General Market Price: $ 350 on the company Website

Warranty: 2 years

Best Deal Online:  American Lawnmowers 

Company Claims 

What’s in the Box?

  1. Earthwise 65821 58 Volt 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower
  2. Comes complete with a grass catcher bag
  3. 1 58V 4AH Lithium-ion battery
  4. 1 58V 4AH Lithium-ion battery charger

On taking a closer look at the Earthwise 65821 58 Volt 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower we discovered that there were mixed reviews from customers who have used it. Some of the users had nothing but high praise for the electric mower while others had a few issues with it.

Here is a breakdown of the mower, beginning with its design. This will help you to understand these mixed opinions and make an informed purchase decision to FIT YOUR LAWN.

Design – Very user friendly

The Earthwise 65821 58 Volt 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower is truly an improvement from previous Earthwise electric mowers. I loved the design. It did have a drawback though. It takes a while to get all that 58Vs in those 4AH batteries. So for large lawn owners, you might have to get an extra battery to work around that charging time between mowing sessions. I wish it came with two batteries like the previous 40V Earthwise mower. Maybe this is asking for too much but hey, we can dream. Take a look at the feedback below:

The Good – Positive customer feedback

  • Has a cushioned grip handle which allows users to keep a firm, comfortable grip while mowing
  • Even though you have to put it together yourself, it is relatively simple to assemble
  • With a brushless motor, the Earthwise 65821 58 Volt 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower allows users to use its battery power effectively without the mower overheating.
  • It is designed with a strong and durable steel deck
  • The height of the mower can be adjusted to match that of the user
  • Its “quick release” folding mechanism allows for easy storage
  • Adjusting the mower height is simple; you only need to adjust one lever
  • The mower has a very simple push to start mechanism
  • Comes with a six-level cutting height adjustment
  • You get great cutting width – 21 inches
  • It is a lot lighter than most electric lawn mowers at 59 lbs
  • It has a sleek looking design
  • Batteries and chargers can be used interchangeably for all 58V Earthwise products so feel free to exclude any of the above from your purchase if you already have them!

..The bad and the ugly – Negative feedback

  • It comes with just one lithium-ion battery
  • The charger is not a rapid one so it takes time to recharge a depleted battery

Power – What kind of power should you expect from this Earthwise  58 Volt  Cordless Electric Lawn Mower? It’s packing!

The Earthwise 65821 58 Volt 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower is very powerful when compared to many others in the market before it. If you are a first-time electric mower user, this is probably your number 1 concern, especially with a cordless mower.

Well fret not my friends, this guy is packing. At 58 volts and 4Ah, it churns out an impressive 232 watts hour which is a lot higher than what most electric lawn mowers can do. Trust me, it works. This mower will get the job done.

Other powerful cordless electric push mowers were reviewed here, such as the Greenworks 80V, Kobalt 80V, and Snapper 82V  electric mowers and they performed well but I have also seen electric mowers that are packing the power yet the finish is just awful. So let us look at performance.

Performance – Will the Earthwise 65821 give you a manicured lawn as it promises?

The Earthwise 58 volt mower is exactly what you need if you have an overgrown lawn with stubborn, tough grass. With the kind of power emitted by this mower and the 6 height adjustments, you will have a clean and great looking lawn in no time.  If what you are going for is a simple maintenance cut ten you can be assured of more than 45 minutes out of your battery but probably just half that if your yard has turned into a menace with tall overgrown grass.

Additional qualities worth taking note of:

The Good…

  • No stalling even when cutting overgrown lawns
  • Very convenient height adjustment
  • Good bagging
  • You get a clean, good quality cut
  • You do not have to recharge the battery when doing a maintenance cut as they last up to 60 minutes.

The bad and the ugly haunts us again

  • As mentioned before, recharging the single battery takes too long so it takes away from the performance on large lawns.

Efficiency and ease of use – Simple machines make the work easier

Even though the Earthwise 65821 58 Volt 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower does not come preassembled, it is very easy to put together. I still wish it came assembled though. But that’s just me, I am borderline lazy.

What exactly is simple:

-the height adjusts very easily using the lever

– charging the battery is very simple, just plug and go

– removing and repositioning the battery is easy

– all you have to do to start mowing your lawn is push a button

– the bag is easy to empty and refit

– lighter than most electric mowers in the market and most likely lighter than your gas mower.


Durability – how long can you expect the Earthwise 58-volt cordless electric mower to last?

Aside from being fairly priced, this mower lasts a long time, just like you would want such a great investment to do. We think it is extremely durable because of the following aspects:

-the wheels, handle and sturdy steel deck all give the mower a very strong look

– there are currently zero complaints regarding battery durability do it is a good sign

– handles very well and does not stall during use, both signs that it has a sturdy build

How easy is it to find Earthwise lawn mower parts?

Most parts for the Earthwise 65821 58 Volt 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower seem to be available only with the manufacturer. A few customers have also raised issues with finding a spare battery for the mower. However,  I found the Earthwise 65821 58 V battery on Amazon in just one search. The link is provided below…



The mower comes with a two-year warranty. The mower has a good design and it seems very durable so why not give us a 3-5 year warranty?  2 years is good but 3-5 years is even better. If you believe in your product, stand behind it.

Quality of customer service

The quality of customer care from the manufacturer’s Website seems great. Apart from making inquiries directly on the Website you can also email, ask questions on Amazon here and make calls directly to seek information on their products. They provide quality feedback and solutions.

Overall Value- My Final Opinion

Any lawnmower which scores an average of 8.5 and above is an excellent one. The Earthwise 58-volt mower might have a few hitches here and there but its highs definitely outweigh its lows. It looks sleek, it handles brilliantly, churns good power, and gives you an immaculate finish on your lawn.

Needless to say, the Earthwise 58v cordless electric lawn mower is a great purchase. With functionality above that of most other mowers and a power output of 232 watts, this is a true bargain. It has a high-efficiency level and aside from the battery charging time, I have not found any other cons. This is an investment that will not only last years but also serve the exact purpose for which you intended it, KEEPING YOUR LAWN IN GOOD SHAPE!

Recommended for – Is this mower right for you?

I would recommend the Earthwise 58v cordless electric lawn mower for anyone with a budget of USD 350-400 who needs a powerful, Eco-friendly mower for a lawn of 1/2 acre or less. If you want to do a bigger lawn then you might have to do some recharges or keep your lawn well kept so that the mower runs on low energy. Or get yourself an extra battery. If you have other Earthwise 58V tools, then you should definitely add this to the collection because you would have an extra battery and charger.

What do you think? Do you have one? We love to get feedback from our readers. Share your experiences below!



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