EGO 21" 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review

EGO 21″ 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review (Updated 2020)

So I came across the EGO 56 V 21-Inch Self Propelled cordless lawn mower on Amazon and wondered if it was all the company hyped it up to be. So I did some digging and came up with the answers for myself in this review. Ego is known for a great line of power tools that can use the same battery across all tools so I didn’t expect this to be any different.

There is also another Ego 56V Cordless mower that we reviewed prior to this one. You can take a look at this here

This EGO 56 V cordless lawn mower review was done after researching customer satisfaction and complaints on different online stores and various online platforms. Let me show you what we came up with.

C-ELMR Product Review

Product: EGO Power + 56V 21″  (LM2102SP) cordless electric self propelled lawn mower

Company: EGO

General Market Price: USD $400 – $850 depending on the battery kit

Best place to buy online: Amazon 

Warranty: 5 years

Special feature:  Self Propelled


  • Power
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Efficiency and ease of use
  • Durability
  • Ease of locating replacements for wearable parts
  • Value


This is Self propelled 56V EGO lawn mower is such an improvement from the last 56V mower that EGO made. I almost lost all respect for EGO products because of the older model but this mower is redemption at its best. It cuts tall grass well without being bogged down, they fixed the adjusting handle clips so that with this design it actually stays in place and the blades are wider so it does not stall as much in thick grass. This mower is great for older folks or people with back problems who cannot manage to push a heavy mower. C-ELMR highly recommends this mower. Hats off to the EGO team. You can Order your Ego 56V mower online from Amazon for fast and convenient delivery to your doorstep.

We will focus our review on the areas of the EGO 56V Max cordless mower mentioned in the overview above. For each area, we will explain why it was given the rating you see in the overview.

Some companies are all talking and no results so we looked at the video overview of the EGO Power + 21″ self-propelled mower on YouTube and compared this with what the mower actually does.

Take a look at this YouTube Video to see what EGO claims about their mower. We will tell you how true each aspect of this video is.


When compared to the last 56V push mower done by EGO before this self propelled feature was added, it has a higher and wider deck than the original push mower. It also has smaller back wheels than the older version but this does not make it harder to push. The only downside to this mower compared to the older version is that the front is longer. The extra material at the front is extra space that the blades will not reach. So it does not do as well as the older version with edges. I took off points for this is my rating.

Specific design features

 Start option

Easy to start. All you have to do is push the button attached close to the handle and pull the starter which is attached above it as seen in this image. The self propelled starter option is located close to the handle and is activated when you pull it towards the handle as seen in the image below.

Weight and size –  

The EGO self propelled lawn mower weighs close to 68lbs. It is easy to push manually but remember that it is self propelled so no worries here. It is 37.5 inches long, 22.5 inches wide and 16.6 inches tall. The front-wheel height is 7 inches and the back wheel is 9 inches high. The back wheels are lower than the 56 V push mower.

Cutting options –

Mulching, bagging, and sideways discharge. I saw complaints that it does not do a great job of mulching but bagging and sideways discharge is great. Took off points here also

Height of grass cut –

 The Ego self propelled mower cuts from 1 1/2 inches to 4 inches high. One adjuster is used for all four wheels.

Mowing speed – 

1.8 MPH – 3.6 MPH which is very acceptable.

Motor –

It is not a brushless motor which leaves room for improvement. However, the mower has a kind of cutting technology built-in where it revs up when it meets high, thick grass and then revs down and uses less energy to go through shorter, thinner grass. This saves battery energy when cutting and increases the run time.

Battery –

The EGO self propelled mower battery is a high capacity 7.5Ah ARC Lithium battery. The Power+ 21” Mower delivers up-to 60 minutes of run-time with this battery. It takes 30 minutes to charge. The charger actually cools off the battery while it charges. The batteries are very durable in all weather conditions when compared to other brands because it has a special design. The “ARC” in the lithium-battery name is talking about the shape of the battery. This design allows for the dissipation of heat while providing a completely sealed design. It is coated in black epoxy to prevent damage from weather conditions. It also helps to keep the battery safe in the case of drops. The battery is compatible with all EGO Power + tools so if you have other power plus tools you can use it in this mower also. 

Noise level – 

At 30 Db lower than the gas-powered mowers of similar power, nobody will be complaining about the noise level.

Power and Performance

This has a capacity of 420 Wh. This is greater than the Greenworks 80V, 2.5Ah mower! Self propelled mowers usually have issues going over hills, cutting tall grass and they usually get very hot, very easily. So people usually complain about purchasing them. I was fully expecting this EGO 56V cordless self propelled mower to be even worse. Why? Have you seen the 56V push mower that EGO made before this self propelled mower?

This one

It was not a great mower. I almost lost faith in EGO after doing my review on it.

EGO took all the complaints from the older model and made this super EGO self propelled mower.


Let’s talk about grass cut quality because that is really what it all comes down to, am I right?

  • It does great cutting over hills. It does not stall going over slopes. It actually pulls this reviewer over hills!
  • It cuts high grass without bogging down much
  • It cuts damp grass
  • Listen, the cut quality is very impressive. It gives an EVEN cut all throughout, even on the difficult monster St Augustine grass. It does, however, compromise cut quality at 4″ cutting height on the St Augustine grass but not with the other softer types. At 3″ however, excellent, I mean absolutely pristine cut on any grass
  • The battery lasts for up to 60 minutes of mowing.
  • Variable speeds work well so you can go at your own pace.

The downside we found was that the EGO self-propelled mower is not extremely impressive for mulching. It is okay but not great.

There are some 80V mowers on the market for a bit less but this mower outperforms the ones we have reviewed so far. We reviewed some here also so you can take a look at the related posts section below the article, read those reviews, and weigh your options.

Take a look at the video below to see the EGO self-propelled 21″ mower in action on different lawns. It has a comparison of the old versus the new EGO at the end of the video

 Want to find out how this Guy performs when compared to a gas mower? Take a look at the video below and tell me what you think?

Do you think he was being biased or did he hit the nail right on the head?

Efficiency and Ease of Use

As seen in the video above. It is very easy to use. Absolutely no complaints here. It is easy to start, the speed options are easy to adjust, you only use one adjuster for all four-wheel heights and it performs well overall.

  • Removing the battery and charging it is simple.
  • The lightness of the mower along with the design makes it easy to maneuver around the lawn. The self propelled feature is the icing on the cake with just a pull of the starter attached near the handle.
  • Three in one option for mulching, bagging, or sideway discharge is very satisfactory.
  • Switching from bagging to mulching is just as you see it in the videos above. Removing the bag and replacing it is no trouble at all.
  •  Folding the handle for storage is made simple by the adjusters on the handle.

Durability and Warranty

After the utter disappointment of the EGO 56V push mower, I can now tell you that this is the real deal. As seen in the video above, you will no longer have problems with the adjustable clips on the handle, the battery is weather-proof, the mower looks sturdy and the handles look better than most electric mowers do. You have a 5-year warranty so if anything funny happens before the 5 years are up, you can get it fixed or get a replacement from the company.

Ease of locating replacements for wearable parts

As mentioned above, the batteries and the charger are universal for all the EGO power plus tools so you will not have a problem going on your computer and ordering one online to be delivered at your doorsteps. The 21-inch blades are also available online. If you damage any other part of the mower, you can call the company and ask for a repair shop near you.


Customer Service from Company

We got through within 5 minutes. The company answered all our questions and the were ready to suggest plausible solutions for problems. Overall excellent service. Naturally, you might have to deal with the company you bought your mower from directly if you have certain problems like shipping, etc but as far as questions and answers go, excellent customer service.

So overall, here is what  you are getting from this Ego mower

Pros and praises from buyers

  • Very powerful mower
  • Very durable, weather-proof batteries
  • Batteries can be used for other EGO power tools
  • Easy to start and runs wells
  • Light and easy to maneuver around your lawn.
  • Very durable material
  • Convenient to have up to 4-inch height adjustment
  • One handle adjusts all the wheel heights
  • Long battery life. Batteries actually last as long as the company says it does (60 minutes)
  • Charges quickly (30-45 minutes)
  • 3 different cutting options
  • Cuts damp grass
  • Handle tall grass well
  • Handles thick grass well
  • Goes over slopes without stalling in the self propelled option
  • Have LED lights for nights or early morning mowing
  • A lot more silent than a gas mower of similar power

Cons and complaints from buyers

  • Does not mulch well without stalling
  • Double blades would have been better for cutting on turns in the self propelled option.
  • Does not have a brushless motor.

Overall Value

Big thumbs up from C-ELMR

Worth the buy. This is one of our favorite self propelled mower so far. I would recommend this mower due to its performance, efficiency, ease of use, and durability. If you have a medium-sized lawn, this mower is perfect for you. If you have a large lawn, pick up an extra battery with your purchase.

UPDATE: I just love this mower. It is still doing well on the market, the price is going down and the quality is still the same. This EGO mower is giving gas mowers a run for their money 😀


How to purchase online

You can purchase EGO products online from Amazon from the links provided below. We may receive a small commission from eligible purchases but it does not affect the amount you pay as we are Amazon affiliates.

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  1. Hello this was a very detailed review. It definitely answers all the question before even asking. Thanks for the information. ??

  2. Trying to surprise your husband with something like this, you will need a manly advice. I had none, and hence I searched all morning and night just to make the right choice but none seemed to persuaded me. That misery of searching without luck ended when I saw your explanation. The mistake I was going to make started with me wanting to get the Ryobi 40 V self propelled mower but when I saw this article I was like wow you gotta have this one, the Ego power + self propelled mower. Thanks, for making the surprise for my husband even more wonderful. Great work! I love how simple the explanation was.

    • Hello again,

      I just replied to your comment on the Ryobi and now I see you have made your way here to the EGo self propelled mower 🙂 . Excellent choice. This is actually one of our favorite Electric mowers. Was a joy to review this this mower. It really gives gas mowers something to think about.

      Looking forward to hearing how it goes it for you. Come back and let us know after he has gotten some use out of it. Maybe you could try it too!


  3. Great review !!! This Ego 56 V self propelled lawn mower has made my family’s life so much easier. My husband loooves it!! It’s light and easy to handle!!

  4. Have 21″ self propelled mower bought from HD 2 years ago. Last year the self propelled feature failed and I was sent new mower. This year the mower completely died (nothing worked yet battery was full). Brought in to HD per EGO”s direction for warranty repair, that was over 6 weeks ago. Yesterday, HD finally said they looked at mower and it needs a part but doesn’t know when it will arrive or if/when it can be repaired when it does arrive. Called Ego CS and all they did was call HD repair and tell me a manager will contact me when part gets in and of course stated it’s the peak season for repair which I find unacceptable for a mowers to remain broken for almost 2 months. HD is a large national company and EGO’s contract with HD should provide better than a 2 month turnaround REGARDLESS of the time of year. Had I known the unreliable experience I’ve had this past 2 years for this $600 mower coupled with outrageous warranty wait times, I would NEVER have bought this mower period.

    • I’d be miserable waiting also. Especially after being referred back to the same people just to continue waiting for the part. I hope they get your mower part soon. Keep us posted on this issue. We would like to know when it is resolved.

  5. I must admit, we were very sceptical when we first purchased our battery powered electric mower. The one we bought is a Mountfield and just like the mower you are reviewing, the batteries can be used for other Mountfield goods which is really economical. We also have a hedge trimmer and a lopper using the same battery.
    We were delighted with our mower, which was bought in the UK. It is light and easy to handle, good for gardens with steps and it is as efficient as a petrol mower. We can do the whole of our garden with just one battery charge and our garden is quite big, about quarter acre.
    For those thinking about buying one of these types of mowers, go for it, you won’t regret it. Very good for the senior citizen who may have trouble lifting heavy items. A comprehensive review by the way, well done! Ches

    • Hey Ches, 

      Thanks for your insight on electric mowers. Mountfield is also a good brand. We are in the process of reviewing those as well. I am happy you were satisfied with the electrical mower. Eco friendly is definitely the way to go. Any way we can help to improve the state of the environment should be considered, especially when the products are as good as, or better than the gas powered products. You are so right, these self propelled electrical mowers are especially beneficial to the elderly citizens. 

      Thanks again for sharing!

  6. What a great idea to do a lawnmower review site. Buying a lawnmower from all the stuff available today is definitely a minefield. Although I no longer have grass in my garden I would love a resource like this if I still did.

    I bought a lawnmower a few years ago and it went on fire while I was mowing the lawn. Reading your reviews can help people to avoid crazy stuff like that 🙂

    Keep up the good work

    Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

    • Hey Sotiris,

      No wonder you no longer have a lawn. That must have been a traumatic experience. Was that a gas or electrical  mower? I am guessing gas. If you ever decide to go back to the life of a grassy garden, we will help you  to  get   a good mower.

      We offer suggestions to our readers on the type of mower that is best for your lawn.

      You can contact us by sending an email to with “Mower Choices” as the heading. In the body of the message, answer the following questions so we can help you:

      1. The size of your lawn

      2. The terrain ; slopes, flat, patches, garden locations etc.

      3. Whether you need:

         -Automatic/robotic lawn mower suggestions

         -Riding mower suggestions

         – Self propelled mower suggestions

         – Push mower suggestions  

         – All of the above

      4. Your preferred brands if any

      5. Budget


  7. I have an EGO trimmer that I absolutely love and found your review of the EGO lawn mower very interesting. I had no idea they made a battery powered lawn mower! I think it’s a great idea, especially for people living in an urban setting where the noise of a gas powered mower can be quite annoying! And that it can run for 60 minutes seems more than enough to do an entire yard. Can the battery be used on other EGO products?

    • Hey Walker2,

      Yeah EGO generally comes out with a line of products with similar power that uses the same battery and charger each time they upgrade their products. This is from the Power + line. EGO made 5 Power+  battery powered mowers, power + trimmers, hand blowers, chain saws etc.  They made 2 56V self propelled mowers. One with a 20″ cutting width and one 21″ cutting width. EGO says that the same batteries and chargers can be used all across the board for all the power + tools so for people with larger lawns this comes in very handy. Instead of stopping to charge they just switch out the batteries and continue mowing. You can also buy the mower without the battery and charger for less if you already have them for other EGO tools.


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