EGO LM2102SP Versus LM2135SP Self Propelled Electric Lawnmower Comparison

EGO LM2102SP Versus LM2135SP Self Propelled Electric Lawnmower Comparison

After reviewing both electric lawnmowers, it is time to look at the EGO lm2102SP vs lm2135SP Electric Lawnmower Comparison where we list all the major differences. Do you really need to buy the upgraded EGO lm2135SP or should you save you $100 and stick with the EGO lm2102SP?

Well, it all depends on whether you find the upgraded features the new EGO Power + select cut lm2135SP mower useful.

To get a good comparison, we looked at the following areas:

  1. Design
  2. Power
  3. Performance
  4. Efficiency and ease of use 
  5. Durability
  6. Ease of locating replacements for wearable parts
  7. Overall Value
  8. Complaints from buyers
  9. Praises from buyers 


EGO LM2102SP vs LM2135SP Self-Propelled Mower Design


ego lm2135sp vs lm2102sp 21″ Self-Propelled Cordless Mower design

15 Similarities to Consider in the LM2135SP vs LM2102SP 21″ Self-Propelled Cordless Mower Design Table

  1. Both are self-propelled mowers
  2. Both are 56V, 7.5 Ah mowers
  3. Both have a push-button start option
  4. Both have the safety bail switch
  5. Both are rear-wheel drive
  6. Both have 21″ deck
  7. Both have 21″ blades
  8. Both are plastic deck
  9. Both have three-in-1 cutting options; Bagging, mulching, and sideways discharge
  10. Both have the smart cut feature
  11. Both have lithium-ion batteries that take 60 minutes to charge
  12. Both handle slopes up to 15 Degrees
  13. Both have a vertical storage position option
  14. Both weigh 54.5 lbs
  15. Both are Weather resistant

8 Differences to Consider in the LM2135SP vs LM2102SP 21″ Self-Propelled Cordless Mower Design Table

The lm2135sp vs lm2102sp start option and handle controls

Difference #1 — Self Propel Trigger

In the older EGO lm2102SP model, there is only one (1) self propel trigger which is placed on the right side of the handle but now the new EGO lm2135SP has one on the left side also. Now the self-propel triggers are 2 pressure-sensitive “buttons”.

This improvement comes in handle for people who are left-dominant. If you are, then this might be helpful for you, if not, well this improvement will do nothing for you.

Difference #2 — Speed Control Knob

Now you can drive and adjust the speed with one hand

With the new EGO lm2135SP, everything is now within finger reach. .This is a big improvement from the older EGO lm2102SP mode where the speed control knob was located much further down on the handle on the left side of the mower as seen in the picture above.

Difference #3 — Light Switch Placement

The new EGO Select Cut LM2135SP 21″ Self-Propelled Cordless Mower gives you the option of turning on your mower’s light from a more convenient location.

With the older model, if it gets late while mowing, you have to stop mowing, then reach down to the battery housing to turn the lights. In the newer EGO Select Cut LM2135SP, the button is on the handle opposite the battery indicator as seen in the video below the article.

Difference #4 Indicators

  1. In the older EGO power+ LM2102SP lawn mower, the battery indicator is located on the battery housing but in the new EGO Select Cut LM2135SP, it is located on the control panel on the handle as seen in the video below.
  2. In the older LM2102SP model, the battery indicator will tell you when the power is down to 25% or if it is full at 100%. In the new model, the indicator is a lot more sophisticated. Now, there are indicators similar to that or your car! Take a look at what I found in the manual–

➳Solid Green — Mower is working properly and battery >15%

➳Flashing green — The side rails are not fully extended or the handle is not locked in an operating position.

➳Flashing red — Low battery.

➳Solid orange — The mower stops due to overheating. Remove the battery from the mower, move them to the shade and cool them at least 15 minutes.

➳Flashing orange — The mower is overloaded.

➳Flashing red/green alternately — Error — Contact EGO customer service center.

➳Dark & LED on battery flashing — Battery overheating so release the bail switch, wait until the battery pack cools down to approximately 152°F (67°C), then restart the mower.

Difference #5 — The Motor

In the older EGO power+ LM2102SP lawn mower, you are getting a brush motor while in the newer EGO power+ Select Cut LM2135SP, you get a brushless motor.

This is very important. A brushless motor will provide:

  1. More power
  2. Less wasting of energy
  3. Longer battery life
  4. Last longer

The new select cut will deliver 1000Wh of power and 7 ft/lb of torque which is the equivalent of a premium gas mower while the older model will give 5.9 ft/lb torque.

Difference #6 The Blades:

The EGO power+ LM2102SP lawn mower comes with only 1 blade while the newer model comes with three blades.

The new model comes with 2 blades installed on the mower and 1 in the box. One normal blade, one premium mulching blade, and one high lift/Premium bagging blade.

Difference #7 The Battery and Charger Pack

If you bought the older version some time ago, you will notice the newer version has a different battery and charger design but if you are buying it now both are the same. Both are lithium-ion batteries and the charger has a cooling system for the battery. View full review of the EGO Select cut LM2135SP lawn mower for more details on the charger and battery

Difference # 8 – The Height Adjustments

Both models use a single handle to adjust all four wheels but the newer model has 7 height adjustment positions while the older model has 6 height adjustment positions. However, both mowers cut from 1.5 inches to 4 inches high.

Power and Performance- Which mower gives a better cut?

Both the EGO power+ LM2102SP and the EGO power+ select cut LM2135SP are superior self-propelled mowers on the market but the new EGO power+ LM2135SP gives a better performance due to the improvements in the mower design.

Both mowers are recommended for lawn sizes of up to 1/2 acre but:

–>The newer model gives better cut-quality, better mulching, and longer battery life while bagging but while mulching the older model gives longer run time.

–>While bagging, the older model gives 50-60 run time while the newer model gives 55 – 60 minutes run time depending on your grass condition. Run time will be affected by the thickness of the grass and other physical conditions such as moisture but overall you will get about 5 minutes more from your newer select cut.

In mulching mode, the new EGO power+ LM2135SP battery dies about 5 minutes faster than your older model but you get better mulching.

Efficiency and ease of useWhich mower is more user friendly?

The new EGO LM2135SP Self Propelled Electric Lawnmower is more user friendly than the EGO power + LM2102SP self-propelled mower.

5 reasons why the LM2135SP Self Propelled Electric Lawnmower wins user-friendliness over EGO power + LM2102SP :

  1. The new model considers lefties while the older model does not
  2. The new model has the self propel trigger within finger reach
  3. The new model has the battery housing facing the user so that the battery is in full view while mowing. This way you see exactly how much charge you have left 100%->80%–>60%–>40%–>20% by looking at the lights on the battery.
  4. The new model now has 7 height adjustment options while the older model has 6
  5. The new model now has more indicators to tell you exactly what is going wrong with your mower.

Durability – Which mower will last longer?

EGO is known for producing high-quality products and the older model has been out for more than 3 years and doing well. I think the newer model will last longer based on the fact that it has a brushless motor and the older model does not. Otherwise, they are pretty much the same where durability is concerned.

Replacement parts – It is relatively easy to find replacement blades, chargers, and batteries online. Remember to always call EGO to refer you to an EGO registered repair service for repairs.

Warranty – Both mowers come with a 5-year warranty on the mower and 3 years on the battery for domestic use.

ValueLM2135sp vs LM2102SP 21″ Self-Propelled Cordless Mower

Which one is worth buying in 2020?

Both are worth the purchase but I would suggest getting the upgraded select cut LM2135SP model if you can afford to pay an extra $100.

When to choose LM2135sp 21″ Self-Propelled Cordless Mower

  1. If you do a lot of mulching
  2. If you are left-handed
  3. If you want longer mower life
  4. If you want the improved ergonomic handle

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2 thoughts on “EGO LM2102SP Versus LM2135SP Self Propelled Electric Lawnmower Comparison”

  1. I bought a EGO LM2102 – not the SP. I agree with Don that the quality of the actual lawn cutting is not as good as my old gas mower. I like everything else about the LM2102 – it’s easy to use, maneuvers well, and it’s quiet and doesn’t smell and it folds up pretty well. But the actual cut is not great. After reading the above review and poking around a bit, I bought the dual-blade kit (ab2100d) for the LM2102. The ab2100d dual blade kir is not rated as compatible on EGO’s website, but it does work and it solved my general unhappiness with the mulching and lawn cutting. You do need to buy two stainless steel ~5/16’s by 1/2″ bolts and two nylon locking nuts – the blades don’t come with them. But other than that it swaps in and works fine and definitely improves the lawn cut and mulching.

  2. My wife got me the LM2102SP for my birthday and I love everything about it except for the quality of cut, which is the very thing a lawnmower exists to do. The cut was not very good compared to my gas mower. I wish it was, because I hate to bring a present back, but for what it costs and the poor cutting performance I reluctantly have to.


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