GreenWorks G-Max 40V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Reviews – 2017 5 mower series

Hello again readers.  GreenWorks G-Max 40V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Reviews were done after seeing how cheap they were compared to other brands. Was the quality compromised?

This “GreenWorks G-Max 40V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Reviews” article is part one of a 5 mower review series from C-ELMR. GreenWorks has been creating exceptional lawn mowers at an affordable  price for many years now. They have also created some mowers that have been in the dog house due to lack of power and battery problems. Our reviews are based on products details, customer ratings, customer complaints and praises on different online stores and from video reviews from customers who bought these mowers.

There are five mowers in the GreenWorks G-Max 40V Cordless Electric Group of Mowers line. These include:

  1. GreenWorks 25302 40V G-MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 20 in. 2-in-1 Twin Force Lawn Mower
  2. GreenWorks 25322 40V G-MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 16 in. 2-in-1 Lawn Mower
  3. GreenWorks 2500502 40V G-Max 4.0 Ah Cordless Lithium-Ion 19 in. DigiPro Lawn Mower
  4. GreenWorks 2501302 40V G-MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 19 in. 3-in-1 Lawn Mower (Bare Tool)
  5. GreenWorks 25223 40V G-MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 19 in. 3-in-1 Lawn Mower


Review Sections

We examined the important details of each GreenWorks mower, the Pro’s and Praises from buyers and also the Con and Complaints. For the review of each GreenWorks mower, these are the main areas we focused on:

  1. Design
  2. Power
  3. Performance
  4. Efficiency and ease of use
  5. Durability
  6. Ease of locating replacement parts
  7. Value



Product: GreenWorks 25302 40 V G-MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 20 in. 2-in-1 Twin Force Lawn Mower Review

Company: GreenWorks

Manufacturer: Globe Tools Group

General Market Price: USD $450

Suggested Seller for best price online: Amazon

Specs on GreenWorks 25302 40 V G-MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 20 in. 2-in-1 Twin Force Lawn Mower :

Review Results Overview

  • Power
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Efficiency and ease of use
  • Durability
  • Ease of locating replacements for wearable parts
  • Value


C-ElMR recommends the GreenWorks 25302 40V G-MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 20 in. 2-in-1 Twin Force Lawn Mower for people with lawn sizes of 1/2 acre and less. Your lawn does not have to be perfectly flat as it handles patches and bumps well enough. While this is a very powerful mower that will cut though very tall and thick grass without much problems, the batteries will die faster in tall, thick grass. If you have a lawn bigger than the 1/2 acre, we suggest you get extra 4Ah battery so you do not have to mow and stop to recharge for 1 1/2 hour before continuing.


Details of Review

So these mowers were recalled in May for faulty circuit boards but they are still popular among the masses. Why? Normally after a recall, the company suffers great losses but it seems people are still buying these. Why? The ones on the market now were tested for flaws and sent out fresh with new consumer confidence.

To get a better picture of the mowers in action on real lawns, ensure that you take a look at the YouTube videos showing the design, power, performance, battery life and ease of use of the GreenWorks 25302 40V G-MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 20 in. 2-in-1 Twin Force Lawn Mower from customers who have bought these mowers.


Starting option

An important thing to remember with the 40V-G-Max push mower is that starting it is the opposite of the usual gas powered mowers. For this electric mower, It is –  “pull handle then press the button”. You may be accustomed to the gas powered mower stating sequence of “press button then pull handle”.


It comes with two batteries which is great because unlike most mowers, there are two slots in this mower to place your batteries. You do not need to place both batteries in the mower for it to mow but when two are use, the other one kicks in when the main battery dies.

The batteries in the 40V-G-Max mower should be charged for 1 1/2 hours each before placing it in the mower. After placing the batteries in the mower, there is an extra safety feature where you have to press a button for it to connect.

Overall, GreenWorks did a good job with the design of this mower however I would have preferred some improvements in certain features.

We found three problems with the design of this GreenWorks mower:

  1. The absence of side way discharge. But if you do not want sideways discharge of grass then this is no problem. Bagging is the crowd favorite anyways. Nobody wants to rake the lawn.
  2. Limited maximum wheel height adjustment with a maximum of 3 1/2 inches
  3. Limited battery life in tall, thick grass.
  4. Plastic deck – Customers say it is very sturdy but I generally prefer steel deck mowers.

Here is a video from a customer who bought the 40 V-G-Max GreenWorks mower, explaining the different design features of the mower.


Power, Performance and Ease of Use

Power is great on this GreenWorks dual blade mower for both bagging and mulching. The suction for the mulching is very powerful as seen in the video below. Not powerful enough to get wet leaves stuck to the lawn but it gets the dry leave quite well. When mowing, it gets through tall, thick and shrubby grass very well as seen in the customer review video below. It revs up when it comes into contact with thicker grass so that it can cut more efficiently and save power in thinner sections of the lawn.

The mower is easy to start, it easy to remove the bag, charging is simple and place the batteries in the mower is no trouble at all. The height adjustments occur from one handle to adjust all four wheels. The batteries will die faster in thicker and taller grass as the mower uses more power.

This GreenWorks 40V 20 ” G-Max mower is more suited for 1/2 acre or less of lawn. If you have a bigger lawn, then you might want to keep an eye on the first battery to see when it dies and place it to recharge while using the spare battery.

Here is a YouTube video from a customer who bought the 40V-20″ G-Max GreenWorks mower, showing how he cuts his very rugged lawn that is overgrown in some areas. He also shows the mulching feature at work



I have not seen any real complaints about the durability of these mowers. I concerned about the plastic exterior but it is hard plastic and is still going strong for everyone. The stores generally give a 4-year warranty on the mowers for  personal use and  90 days for commercial use. The motors have a ten year warranty from GreenWorks and the batteries have a ten year life expectancy. So if you get a bad apple out of the bunch, get it replaced immediately as it is not the norm for them to just stop working. You can sharpen the blades whenever they get dull. This will happen more often on rocky lawns.

Ease of finding replacement for wearable parts

Online stores are flooded with batteries, blades and chargers for GreenWorks products. The batteries can be used in over 40 different GreenWorks products so you will not have any problem finding batteries.

Customer Service from GreenWorks

Above average. If you call, well this might have been a one off situation, but the rep did not provide me with all the information that I needed. On amazon question and review section however, the GreenWorks reps are ready and rearing to go. They try to solve all queries and suggest plausible solutions for complaints that would seem as if the call reps did not know how to handle.


Overall Assessment

Pros and praises from buyers

  • Very powerful motor
  • 10 year warranty from GreenWorks on Motor
  • Very durable batteries – ten year lifespan
  • Batteries can be used for other GreenWorks 40 volt  tools
  • Easy to start and runs wells
  • Light and easy to maneuver around lawn.
  • Glides over bumps without any problem
  • Very durable and light material
  • Convenient to have seven different cutting heights. 1st setting is 1 1/4″, 2nd is 1 2/3″, 3rd is 2″, 4th is 2 1/3″, 5th is 2 3/4″, 6th is 3 1/7 and 7th setting is 3 1/2″
  • One handle adjusts all wheel heights
  • 2 different cutting options available – comes with a mulching plug-both bagging and mulching works well
  • Goes smoothly down thinner grass and powers up through thicker grass to save energy
  • Cuts damp grass without bogging down often
  • The mowers really handle tall grass well
  • Handles thick grass well
  • Has dual blades so a more efficient cut is delivered on turns.
  • Not as loud as a gas mower
  • Vertical storage option saves garage space

Cons and complaints from buyers

  • 4 Ah and 2 Ah Batteries die quickly in thick grass. 4 Ah battery usually last about 45 minutes in 6″ thick grass instead of 60 minutes and 30 minutes average from the  smaller 2 Ah batteries.
  • Is not very quiet

Final Thoughts on Value

I think this mower is more than worth the general market price of $380. You get two batteries, a charger, the mower and a cover for that price. Mowers of similar quality such as the EGO 40V line  and the Kobalt line are more expensive. These have dual blades which make them a cut above the rest in performance. The maintenance cost is next to none so when compared to a gas mower, even though the gas mower is cheaper, you will end up spending way more $$$ than that on fuel in the long run. I say go the Eco friendly way and leave the gas mowers behind. GreenWorks is a great brand to move up with.

Take a look at the suggested posts below if you need a more powerful mower of up to 80V maximum 5Ah batteries.

Recommended for:

Lawn size 1/2 acres and less. Unless you have or want to buy an extra 4 Ah 40 V battery, you will need to stop and recharge the batteries to complete your lawn. At a charge time of 1 1/2 hours each, you might not have the time to sit around and wait.  

Other Options include:

  1. GreenWorks Pro 80V Lawnmowers

2. Ego 56V self propelled lawn mower (Highly recommended by C-ELMR)


Consumer Contact:

Hongkong Sun Rise Trading toll-free at 888-266-7096 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET any day or online at and click on “Important Safety Notice” at the bottom of the page for more information. Read more here



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6 thoughts on “GreenWorks G-Max 40V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Reviews – 2017 5 mower series”

  1. Hey there!

    Thanks for such great content relating to lawn mowers. This is such a great article for me because I actually just started researching for one!

    You covered EVERYTHING i could ever hope to know about this mower! From the power/performance, down to the durability and even replacement parts, you’ve gone into some great detail within your website. I noticed a few topics that even I wouldn’t have thought to inquire about!

    Very high ratings on this mower, would it be your #1 recommendation?


    • Hey Brooke,

      Thanks for being here. We really appreciate your kind words 🙂

      To answer your question…
      You can take a look at all our top rated mowers in the sidebar to the right labelled “top rated mowers”
      You will see that different top rated mowers are recommended for different lawn size and lawn types. They are rated based on what the company said they should do for your lawn type and size versus what customers actually experience after buying these mowers.
      So for example, if you have a larger lawn then my number 1 recommendation would be GreenWorks Pro 80V lawn mower with a 80V 4Ah and a 80V 2Ah battery.
      You can view the GreenWorks Pro 80V Mower Review here

      For smaller, well kept lawns, you may not need something that lasts as long as the GreenWorks 80V and another mower would be your guy. It also depends on the time of the review. If we find something better on the market for less, we will add it to the review as a better option for buying a mower in terms of value.

      I hope that answers your questions but feel free to reply with any additional queries that you may have



  2. Call me an easy target, Crystal, but you have ‘sold’ it to me. I have been looking for a cordless lawn mower for my husband – as he is deputised to this chore – for many moons. I wanted one that may not loose its power and effectiveness for the fact that it is cordless. And it seems that this mower does exactly what I need it to do.
    My only question is: what is the best deal proposed by eBay?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hey GuiliaB,

      Happy to help. This is one of the best mowers that we have reviewed here so far for this cutting job description.
      To answer your question..
      The link we provided is for the best deal we found at the time of the review. I found a better deal and I will be updating it now that you asked. It is for $450 at the time that I am writing to you. We will update if we find a better link so whenever you are ready the best deal will always be there. We also try to link to sellers who are labelled as top rated in customer satisfaction so that our readers will not be disappointed with their purchase. Even though we are not the ones selling the items, our readers will run their cars over us twice if we provide a link to a bad seller lol so it is always better for us to do our research on each seller that we add a link for.
      Please get back to us and tell us how the mower is working out for you. We appreciate all the feedback our readers can give and get from each other so don’t be a stranger!

  3. Great article, but I have a few question perhaps you can answer for me. 1. Why not testimonials from users. 2. I didn’t see any recommendations for where to purchase one, but I may have overlooked it, can you suggest a site? 3. I like to buy American made products. Where is this product manufactured? I appreciate the feed back… My riding mower just quit, I think for an extended vacation.. LOL So, I looking for a push mower. I think it will work better for my yard. Plus, it is good exercise. Thanks for the article, I’ll look forward to your responses!

    • Hey Rod,

      Thanks for the kind comments about our review. Everyone will have different preferences in manufacturing companies. Totally understandable. To answer your questions…

      To my knowledge, though the head office of the GreenWorks company is in North Carolina, these mowers are manufactured in China and in Germany under Globe Tools Group and Stihl respectively.

      We used testimonial from buyers all over the world on different online store to help with our reviews. The YouTube videos you see here are from customers who have purchased the products.

      These mowers can be found on online easily at eBay, Amazon, Walmart etc. You did not overlook it. I did not have a link to any seller. Thanks for the suggestion. I just added a link to eBay for a good price that I found for a new mower from a trusted seller.

      I hope that helps!



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