GreenWorks 80V Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review – Pro 80V MO80L510 21 in.

GreenWorks 80V self propelled mower

GreenWorks 80V self propelled mower







        Efficiency and Ease of Use


          Ease of finding replacement parts






                Pros and Praises from buyers

                • Fast charge and ten year lifespan batteries because Charger will detect if the battery is too hot to charge and will cool it down
                • No chord yet Long mowing time from each charge
                • Low noise level
                • One handle adjusts all four wheels
                • Excellent cutting quality
                • Handles tall, thick grass well
                • Self propelled, glides over patches easily
                • Handles tall grass well, muches and bags well.
                • Good Warranty
                • Charger and batteries can be used on other greenworks products

                Cons and complaints from buyers

                • Plastic handles on height adjuster
                • Batteries take longer to charge if they get hot (charger takes time to cool them down)
                • Still lighter than gas mowers but 75 lbs is heavy to carry to storage

                GreenWorks created two 80V cordless electric lawn mowers. We reviewed the GreenWorks GLM801600 line a few days ago and now we will be giving you the results for the GreenWorks electric self propelled lawn mower review that we just completed.

                C-ELMR Review 100011

                Product: GreenWorks Pro 80V  MO80L510 21-Inch Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

                Manufacturers: Globe Tools Group

                Best Price: Amazon

                Warranty: 4 years after date of purchase but only upon registration of product  at GreenWorks

                Overall C-ELMR Rating: 

                These are the main areas of the GreenWorks lawn mower that we  focused on:

                1. Design
                2. Power
                3. Performance
                4. Efficiency and ease of use
                5. Durability
                6. Ease of locating replacement parts
                7. Value

                We also looked at the claims that GreenWorks made about how their electric self propelled mower is supposed to work and compared those claims to what actual customers experienced while using the self propelled feature. We will be providing you with videos from customers who are satisfied/dissatisfied with their purchase. First, let me show you what GreenWorks says about their mower.

                Greenworks main arguments are that:

                • You will get up to 70 minutes of run time with fully charged 5.0AH Battery
                • The mower contains brushless motors that are more reliable and delivers gas equivalent performance to a 160cc gas engine
                • It has Smart Cut(TM) Load sensing technology
                • It has 3-in-1 Mulch, rear bag, and side discharge that all perform well

                Now let us take a look at what we found out and what customers had to say about these claims.



                This mower was designed with easy handling in mind. There are however some concerns about how cheap the material and design looks.

                People are yet to complain about the material actually falling apart but but many are concerned. I would not be. If you look at older GreenWorks mowers, they are made of similar material are they are lasting through the years.

                It has a steel deck which is very durable material so no problem there except maybe rusting if you do not keep in away from rain. The only issue here would be the clips for  adjusting the mower handle height.

                If you care about aesthetics a lot, you should know that upon adjusting it over and over through the years, you will see the black coating start to scrape away in that area. Let us look at some design details.

                Start option

                The mower is easy to start. It is similar to all the others. It has start option with a modern push button and pull bail switch option.


                Starting and stopping  the GreenWorks 80V mower

                • Ensure that battery is charged and loaded in the mower
                • Press and hold down on the green safety lock out button close to the back handle of the mower.
                • Still holding the button, pull back the bail switch towards the back handle of the mower.
                • After the mower starts, release the safety lock out button and the mower is ready to start mowing.
                • To stop mowing, release the bail and the mower will immediately stop.

                Height Adjustments

                There is one handle at the back of the mower on the right hand side that adjusts all four wheels. Professionals will feel better about this type of one handle adjustment. It is usually a bother to have 2 or four different adjusters for the wheels.

                There are seven different cutting heights. 1st setting is 1 1/4″, 2nd is 1 2/3″, 3rd is 2″, 4th is 2 1/3″, 5th is 2 3/4″, 6th is 3 1/7 and 7th setting is 3 5/8″. We were concerned about the height adjustments available but the mower performs just fine with them.

                Weight and size

                This GreenWorks mower is not very light but it is easy to maneuver around the lawn. It is 32.3″ L x 18.2″ H x 20.4″ W inches and weighs 79.5 lbs. This is mainly due to the steel material.


                This mower has brushless motor technology. Brushless motors increase torque, delivering maximum power with less heating up and wasting of battery energy. The GreenWorks Pro 80V mowers, both self propelled and manual push, drive a power similar to that of a 160cc gas engine mower.

                The mower has smart cut technology built in where it revs up when it meets high, thick grass and then revs down and uses less energy to go through shorter, thinner grass. This conserves on battery energy when cutting and increases the run time unless you are going through high, thick grass then the mower stays at a high rev throughout your entire lawn, then your battery will die faster.

                Cutting options 

                1. Bagging
                2. Mulching
                3. Sideways Discharge


                       This mower comes with a 80V 5Ah li-ion battery (or the battery might be sold separately) and a rapid charger but the battery can also be charged using other charger models from GreenWorks. These include GBA80200, GBA80400 and GCH8040. It takes 30 minute to charge and will actually last up to 70 minutes  but rarely.  It has to be mowing low grass to last the full 70 minutes. One YouTube reviewer said that this GreenWorks mower had the longest run time out of all the 80V mowers that he had tested (video available below in durability section).


                • Pull and turn the handle knobs 90 degrees
                • Lower the handle bar forward until it is resting on top of the handle deck
                • This mower can be stored in two positions : vertically leaning on the handle bars or horizontally. You save more space leaning it on your wall somewhere in a vertical position. Customers said the handles were not 100% easy to fold as seen in the GreenWorks videos.

                Noise level

                The mower is a lot more quiet than you would expect for the power flowing through it. You can mow and listen to music and if your doors are closed you will not hear the mowing from inside.

                Power and performance

                Based on what we saw from customers who bought it, it gets your lawn nicely done whether it has high or low grass and shrubs. It mulches better and does a better job in high grass than the other 80V push mower by GreenWorks…we are yet to determine why since they both have the same features. It must be that 5Ah upgrade from the 2Ah and 4Ah batteries in the other 80V mowers. It propels itself over slopes on your lawn that would be harder to manage without the self propel feature. It looks like a painful task to get manual mowers over slopes. If your lawn is thick however, the batteries will not last the full 70 minutes. It will go up to about 55 minutes then a recharge will be necessary. A video is available in the durability section with a small piece showing the mower in action. Here is what customers are saying online.



                Efficiency and ease of use

                As seen in the comments above from customers, the GreenWorks 80V self propelled lawn mower is easy to install, simple to start, stops at the release of the bail and it gets the job done well. No arguments there… but I have seen complaints that the handles are not very easy to fold and that the mower is heavy to lift especially if you are going to carry it up and down stairs for storage. It is self propelled so it will not be a problem to get it to mow as it travels on its own but the problem comes in when moving it to storage. This mower would be a no no for people with back problems who need to carry the mower for some distance for storage. Pushing it is not as bag but the lifting is an issue. If you are moving from a gas powered lawn mower then this weight will be a relief to you but if you want something lighter, with the same cutting width, I would recommend the EGO 56V self propelled lawn mower. If you have a garage close to your lawn and you do not need to lift it, well you are good to go. Also, bear in mind that it gets a lot lighter than the 79.5 lbs when the battery is removed.


                There is a four year warranty on the mower and 2 year warranty on the battery and charger. It has a very impressive steel deck but the adjustments at the handle and for the heights could have been more thought out. The plastic clip adjustments are not very impressive to look at. I have not seen any complaints from buyers about these except from the guys you are about to watch below but it was a relevant observation.

                This is what they had to say about the GreenWorks 80V mower design and durability


                Ease of locating replacement parts

                The blades, chargers and batteries are easy to find on eBay and other online stores. You can call GreenWorks and ask for a repair shop near you if you need assistance getting parts and changing them.

                Customer Service 

                Above average – Reps are very informed, especially when answering questions on the GreenWorks Website or in Amazon questions and answer section. They also replied promptly to customer concerns in the review section of amazon.

                Overall Assessment

                Pros and Praises from buyers

                These are basically the same as the GreenWorks 80V push mower without the self propelled feature. The only two added Pros and the self propelled feature obviously and the mulching and impressive performance over slopes and in high grass.

                – No cords yet is one of the most powerful electric mowers on the market

                -Easy to assemble and ready to use

                -Easy to start and stop

                -Noise level is lower than that of a gas mower

                – Fast charging battery and charger gets your battery ready in 30 minutes most times

                – It folds up nice so that it can be stored both vertically and horizontally. Definitely a space saver.

                – Height Adjustment works well and are easy to adjust.

                -One handle adjusts all four wheels

                -It is convenient to have seven different cutting heights

                -Replacement blades are so cheap that it’s worth not bothering to get the current one sharpened.

                -Goes smoothly down thinner grass and powers up through thicker grass to save energy

                -Cuts damp grass without bogging down often

                -The mowers really handle tall grass well if adjusted to the tallest height

                -Handles thick grass well

                -Mulches well

                -Very durable batteries – ten year lifespan

                -Charger can be used for other GreenWorks 80 volt  tools

                – Charger will detect if the battery is too hot to charge and will cool it down with the built-in fan before charging. This does increase the amount of charge time required, but will protect the battery a little.

                -Self propelled so very easy to maneuver around your lawn

                -Glides over bumps and patches without any problems

                -steel deck gets a thumbs up

                Cons and Complaints from Buyers

                – Plastic handles on height adjustment bar

                -Battery take longer to charge if they heat up because the charger has to cool down the battery before it starts to charge

                -Lowest height adjustment could have been lower than 1 1/2 inch

                -79.5 lb weight makes it hard to carry the mower to storage unless your storage area does not require much lifting to get it there.


                If you want a self propelled mower and you need the power generated here then it is definitely good value for your money. If you have a small, well kept lawn then go for something more simple and inexpensive.

                Recommended for

                I would recommend this GreenWorks self propelled mower for people with 1/2 acres of lawn and in need of a powerful mower to get the job done with less recharges. If you have a great distance to carry this mower and you will not have any help, go for the Ego Self propelled mower instead. If not, this mower could be your guy.

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                I am a lover of people and all things natural. Big tree huger alert but I love when things work the way that they were meant to. Eco-Friendly does not mean that people should suffer to make it happen. My reviews here will help you to find the best Eco-Friendly alternative to your gas mower. If the electric mower is trash, you can trust and believe that I will give it a bad review, tree hugger or not.

                4 Replies to “GreenWorks 80V Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review – Pro 80V MO80L510 21 in.

                1. Hi there, just leaving a comment on your website. I must say, you are very thorough with your reviews! I really liked how you broke down what you were going to be discussing ahead of time for the reader. Also comparing actual customer reviews with claims from the company about their product, even breaking down specifically what GreenWorks says about the mower. I also liked how you included your experience with customer service! That’s a big on for a lot of people considering that GOOD customer service can be hit and miss these days and can really sway a buyer depending on other people’s experiences. Only thing I noticed with the layout was that there is a pretty big gap between the customer review section and the “Efficiency and ease of use” section. Other than that, I really enjoyed the review! Keep up the great work!

                  1. Thank you for your comment and constructive criticism! You are very observant. I did not see that gap. I am correcting it now. This is one of the main reasons why we like to get comments and feedback from our readers. We learn so much from your questions and comments. 

                    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found the information that you were looking for here.

                    Take care Mike

                2. This mower looks pretty good. It sounds a little heavy being 79.5 pounds, but it’s already a blessing compared to a gas powered mower like you mentioned. My buddy has a small lawn so 70 minutes of action sounds more than enough. His lawn is also relatively flat so I believe that the charge will definitely last. The height adjustments does sound slightly limited, but he normally doesn’t even bother with his lawn. If he can quickly, efficiently, and quietly clear out the “forest” then he should be happy. My question is this, can he buy his batteries separately? That way that if he work really took more than 70 minutes, he can always pop in the spare while the empty battery gets charged.

                  1. Hello Win,
                    My apologies for the late reply.
                    He can definitely buy batteries separately. I just added the link under the battery section of the review.

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