EGO 56 Volt self propelled mower VS GreenWorks Self Propelled Mower

Greenworks Self Propelled Mower Versus EGO Self Propelled Mower

Our comparison between Greenworks self propelled mower and EGO self propelled mower revealed so many things. Greenworks self propelled mower is over $200 cheaper than EGO (As of published date! Check 2020 updates and current prices below). Why?

So we found it weird that even though GreenWorks and EGO are both great brands, they published two self propelled mowers of relatively the same performance, yet the EGO is like $200 more expensive than the GreenWorks self propelled mower.

So we decided to do a comparison to find out if you would be overspending on EGO when you could go for the cheaper brand.

The mowers in question are (click on each to read their individual full review by C-ELMR):

GreenWorks Pro MO80L510 80V 21-Inch Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower and 80V 5.0Ah Battery and Charger Kit

EGO Power+ 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower and 56V 7.5Ah Battery and Charger Kit-Model #: LM2102SP

What is the first thing that you noticed about the mowers?

Yes, the GreenWorks Pro is an 80V mower while the EGO is a 56V mower! Does this mean the GreenWorks Pro will perform better than EGO? EGO has a 7.5Ah battery while GreenWorks has a 5Ah battery so which will determine the better performance?

To find out, we will look at the following aspects of the mowers:

  1. Design
  2. Power
  3. Performance
  4. Efficiency and ease of use
  5. Durability
  6. Warranty

Read Full Comparison Review Below

Who has the better design? EGO VS GreenWorks

We took a good look at both mowers and after much consideration, this is what we came up with…A tie. Let me show you what I mean

Start option – Push-button, pull starter handle

For both EGO and GreenWorks, the start-up sequence is relatively the same but for EGO, you have a choice if you want to use the mower in regular push mode or self propel.

Ego has an extra starter handle for the self propelled option. When you start the GreenWorks mower it propels forward immediately. It would be nice if GreenWorks considered that people might not want to be pulled along as soon as the mower starts but that is minor.

Weight and size – Which mower is heavier?

There is over 11 lbs of weight difference! Greenworks is a lot heavier than Ego!

(The EGO self propelled mower is 37.5 inches long, 22.5 inches wide and 16.6 inches tall and weighs 68lbs while the GreenWorks Pro is 32.3 inches Long x 18.2 inches High x 20.4 Wide inches and weighs 79.5 lbs)

When we reviewed the GreenWorks Pro, this was one of the main drawbacks.

Even though these are self propelled mowers, people were complaining about the weight of Greenworks, especially if they had to lift it to take it to the basement for storage during the winter months.

Cutting Options

Both EGO and GreenWorks offer three convenient cutting options; bagging, sideways discharge, and mulching.

Noise level

No noticeable difference. Both are pretty low compared to a gas mower. Your neighbors will be pleased with whichever one you purchase.

Height adjustments 

Both mowers have drawbacks in this area. The GreenWorks highest setting is too low to perform well in high grass while the EGO lowest setting might be too high for some people.

(GreenWorks self propelled lawn mower has seven height adjustments from 1 1/4 inches to 3 5/8 inches high while EGO only has six between 1 1/2 inches and 4 inches high)


Greenworks has a brushless motor for better energy efficiency. Both have “smart cut” that revs up in tall grass and down in low grass to conserve energy. Both have mowing speed adjustments on the handlebar.

Battery = Power 

Now the GreenWorks has an 80V, 5Ah battery while EGO has a 56V, 7.5Ah battery. Hmmm, which do you think is more powerful?

Did you make your guess? If not, do it now.

Here is your answer……..

EGO VS GreenWorks for the title of most powerful – Step into Geekland

Let’s calculate… theory, the power-law states that:

Power (P) = Voltage (V) multiplied by maximum permissible current (I).

P = V X I

However, many other factors will come in when it comes to the power of a mower such as the mechanics of the motor. GreenWorks is brushless so it should conserve more energy and give a greater output than if it were a brush motor…but let us look at the calculations in theory.

NB.  V x Ah = Watt-hour, which is called capacity (a measure of energy). Capacity or A “watt-hour” is equivalent to producing a watt of power for 1 hour. A more accurate conversion would resemble–>->

That brings us to the performance, efficiency, and ease of use of these mowers. Which mower actually performs better on your lawn?

So Ego is more ‘powerful’ but which mower performs better on your lawn?

This part was tricky. We saw that both mowers performed great but GreenWorks has a longer run time than EGO and EGO did not mulch well.

  • GreenWorks runs for up to 60 minutes in moderate height grass of about 4 inches (the company claims 70 minutes) while EGO usually dies after about 55 minutes of mowing moderately high grass (the company claims 60).
  • In high grass, EGO dies in 45 minutes while GreenWorks dies in 50 minutes. All of these are averages. Some went longer and some went for shorter periods.

(The Ego died faster because it is using more of the battery power per hour)

Other points to note

  • For mulching, both mowers performed reasonably well but not great. GreenWorks had fewer complaints.
  • For bagging, I saw complaints that GreenWorks left some clippings behind while for EGO there were no complaints.
  • For sideways discharge, nobody really commented on it maybe because nobody really uses that anymore. But both mowers come with chutes that are easily placed.
  • For mowing overall, there were complaints that upon revving, GreenWorks would leave the patch of grass in the seconds it took to rev up even though it was still moving. So you would need to go over the patches. EGO got all the grass.

Which mower is more efficient and easy to use?

Both are efficient and easy to use. No major difference here except Greenworks is harder to carry to storage and Ego does not have a brushless motor so the battery dies faster.

  • Having brushless motors, Greenworks mowers will heat up less and function more efficiently.
  • Both are easy to start.
  • The batteries are easy to charge and both only take 30 minutes to charge.
  • The lightness of the EGO mower makes it easy to take to storage but GreenWorks can be a task if your lawn is not close to the storage area.
  • GreenWorks is still feather-light compared to the regular gas 160 cc mowers.
  • The option to choose between mulching, bagging, or sideway discharge is great for both.
  • Switching from bagging to mulching or sideways discharge is convenient for both.
  • Folding the handle for storage similarly uncomplicated for both Ego and Greenworks. Folding is made simple by the adjusters on the handle.

Durability – Who will stand the test of time?

Both have steel decks which is good. The EGO handles are thicker than the GreenWorks handle but that’s just aesthetics. Nobody has complained about the handles breaking or being damaged. Both got the same points here.

Warranty -EGO for the WIN!

Both have a pretty good warranty but EGO gets the edge because EGO gives 5 years on the mower and 3 years on the battery while GreenWorks gives 4 years on the mower and a 2-years warranty on the battery.

Ease of locating replacement parts

For both mowers, it is fairly easy to find replacement blades, batteries, and chargers online. If you need replacement parts, you can contact the companies and they will point you to reputable sources. They are also available on Amazon and eBay.

Value – My Final Opinion

I would say both are worth the purchase but I would prefer the cheaper option since, well it is cheaper! And there isn’t really much difference between the two in terms of performance. It depends on your lawn.

When to choose EGO

  • If you often have very high or thick grass, I would go with the EGO Self Propelled Mower because it has higher height adjustment and gets bogged down less while mowing.
  • If you have back problems, go with EGO.

When to choose GreenWorks

  • If you just need a good performing mower with long battery life to mow your relatively well-kept lawn, GreenWorks self propelled mower would be better value for your money.


So a lot has changed since we published this article back in 2017. The mowers are still the same in terms of the good quality, durability, and performance expressed in the review above BUT the prices took an interesting turn. Also, EGO stepped up their game using all the suggestions we the customers and reviewers made and the GreenWorks 80V 5Ah mower is no longer being pushed heavily on the market.

CURRENT DEAL ALERT – $100 Discount!


Here’s what’s new for EGO:

1. New EGO 56V cordless electric mower now on the market with dual blade and improved mulching-

We recently reviewed the new EGO select cut LM2135SP self-propelled mower and found that it performs better than this GreenWorks 80V 5Ah self-propelled mower. We also compared the new EGO LM2135SP with the older model. You can read the full review by clicking the links. 

2. Better prices now available for the older EGO 56 V 7.5 Ah 21″ Self Propelled Mower – Model #: LM2102SP

Since our review in 2017, the prices for the EGO LM2102SP have dropped tremendously and can now be purchased online at very good prices. With this in mind, we now consider the EGO LM2102SP a better buy than the GreenWorks since it is more economical.

For the best price online, Purchase the EGO LM2102SP here –> Amazon.

Here’s what’s new for GreenWorks

CURRENT DEAL ALERT- $100 Discount!

1. GreenWorks 5Ah model – Difficult to find.

Read the full review here

Or Purchase – Currently Available on Amazon

2. New Greenworks Pro MO80L410 80V 21-Inch Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, 4.0Ah Battery, and Charger Included

Read the full review here.

Or Purchase- Currently available at Amazon

3. New Greenworks 21-Inch 40V Brushless Self-Propelled Mower 6AH Battery and Charger Included, M-210-SP

Currently Available on Amazon 

4. New Greenworks 21-Inch 40V Brushless Self-Propelled Mower AH Battery and Charger Included.

Available online at Home Depot

5. New GreenWorks 21 – inch 60 V 4Ah Brushless Self- Propelled Mower

Not available on Amazon, Available online at Home Depot

Additional Information Resources – New 2020 comparison

Read -New EGO 56V Select Cut 21″ Self-Propelled Mower Versus GreenWorks Pro 80V, 4Ah Self-Propelled Mower

Older models 2017 results

24 thoughts on “Greenworks Self Propelled Mower Versus EGO Self Propelled Mower”

  1. “We just completed our review of one of the newest EGO self propelled mowers and we are currently working on another so we can put the EGO, GreenWorks, and Kobalt head to head.” Very good!

    I am planning to buy an electric self propelled mower in the next week. WHEN will you have your “head – to – head review” to include the Kobalt? Currently the Kobalt 80V KMP6080-06 sounds very good in comparison to the Greenworks Pro 60V and the EGO LM2102SP.

    • Hello,
      We were hoping it would be done by now but everything has taken a back burner in this crisis.

      Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We will be back to full efficiency in two weeks to close the season with 8 new posts including the comparison posts mentioned.

  2. Speaking of new information. I just read the new post on the newer EGO and the GreenWorks 80V 4Ah model. Thanks for the update. Was needed since the 5Ah is so hard to find

  3. This is an excellent review. Thanks for the comparative and new information.
    Cordless is the word that did it for me for these new mowers. I am happy I don’t have to worry about the limitations of where my power outlets are or deal with extension cords. ???

  4. The 80v Greenworks is much more expensive than the EGO at this point. $500 for the EGO with a 7.5 battery. $649 for the Greenworks with a 5.0 battery (which isn’t available at Lowes at the moment). One other factor to consider is the number of tools available that run off the platform, and EGO has a major advantage there.

    • Very informative review. I’m currently debating on which make and model to buy at the moment as I plan on buying one here in the next couple days I was going with the ego all the way even with the price but I never realize it’s $200 more than Greenworks I’m not worried about 5 or 10 pounds in weight that won’t be an issue for me maybe my wife but you got to stop and think if there ain’t much difference in your test you got to go with Green Works. And the ego that I was looking at was all plastic and the Kobalt was metal. I got to go back and check out that Toro now this totally changed my mind thanks a lot for doing the comparison that helped me a lot $600 is a lot of money but yes the ego does have headlights. A friend of mine has one and they work.

      • Yes you are right! Why am I just seeing this thread?? We need to update the prices in this article and do a new comparison for the newer EGO models also.
        We just completed our review of one of the newest EGO self propelled mowers and we are currently working on another so we can put the EGO, GreenWorks, Snapper and Kobalt head to head. Might throw the Ryobi in there too…we’ll see.

        Our readers always keep us on our toes. Thank you very much for your feedback guys. Keeps us growing.

  5. I just completed the review and basically it comes to pricing….and don’t forget that some retail stores only offer basic machine, w/o charger and charger….Maybe kinda like buying a car, has wheels, no tires, or battery…Never saw a site with a $200 spreed in pricing…Lowest price I came across was the Ego at $471.99….free shipping, assembly required…not sure, maybe comes with charger and battery…..then of course, wanting to buy a spare….at what cost?….I can give a whole dog and pony show on the Worx non-propelled cordless and the Amazon complaints on cost for battery replacement…disassembled battery photos (2 – 12V’s) showed made in China, how they were wired, and short of paying $175 for replacement battery, from Amazon, well known battery store provided 2 motorcycle battery’s at $44 ea. Provided a detailed report and lot of thank you’s…Price search goes no.

  6. Can you please spell-out the several Greenworks 80v self propelled MO80 packages and with catalogue numbers?
    Also, do you know if Greenworks may be making design changes — perhaps are going to provide with a switch to match Ego’s feature to turn self-propulsion on/off?
    Because, as of now, I’m not finding vendors offering any self propelled 80v packages with any in stock.
    Really appreciate your insights and am especially interested if you know GreenWorks is making that design change.

  7. I enjoyed this comparison review very much for all the great detail given on the EGO vs GreenWorks mowers. These two mowers seem very closely matched so I don’t see why the EGO is so much more expensive. You mention that the EGO is good for people with back pain –
    is this because the self-propel feature on the EGO mower is superior to the GreenWorks or is there some other hi-tech feature I’m missing? It might be worth the extra money. Thanks.

    • Hello Lauren, 

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      I agree with you on the price difference. It all depends on your grass and mowing habits. As mentioned above, there really isn’t much difference between the two in terms of performance. For example, Greenworks last about 5 minutes longer than Ego when cutting but Greenworks leaves grass behind when it revs up, Ego is great in tall grass but Greenworks has a lower bottom level height adjustment to get you a lower cut. So it depends on how often you cut your lawn. 

      I said go with Ego if you have back problems because Ego is lighter to take to storage. Both are very light compared to gas mowers but Ego is lighter. This might seem like a small issue to us but it will be important for people with severe back problems, especially if you need to carry it to the garage or basement after each mow or during winter months. The self propelled feature on both is awesome. 

  8. I don’t think V * Ah = W. The correct calculation would be V * A = W. Ah is how much capacity in the battery (e.g. how much gas you have in the tank). A is how much electricity is flowing at any given time (e.g. how much gas is flowing to the engine).

    • You are absolutely correct, the h would mean the answer would be technically called capacity and not power. The logics we were working with would be the same though. V x Ah = Watt- hour, which is indeed called capacity (a measure of energy). Capacity or A “watt-hour” is equivalent to producing a watt of power for one hour. We used the calculation to show that batteries of higher voltages (V) do not always mean they will be more powerful in cutting your lawn for the time you spend mowing. The 56V Ego there, will be more powerful for the hour it is cutting your lawn when compared to the 80V Greenworks but the battery dies faster (as exemplified by the actual performance of the mowers). Agree or disagree?
      I will go in and make some notes at the side about capacity (W-h) and power (W) so that others do not get distracted by the poor explanation or the use of the Ah and W in the equation.

      Thanks again for leaving your comment on our article. Always appreciated. Our readers are awesome and so supportive.

  9. I just moved across country, and left my previous mower behind. Right now I have a guy mowing my lawn a couple times a month until I can get me a mower. I love to mow, so I am definitely looking for a good one. I like the Ego, simply because of it’s lighter design. They both look to be great mowers. I am wondering how their warranties compare? That might be the decision maker for me.

  10. The Greenworks mower sounds like the one for me. I just moved from one end of the U.S. to the other, and did not bring a lot of stuff with me, including my old mower. I NEED a new one, as continuing to pay for a service is something I want to do away with as I love to mow. I think the price is right and it looks to be a great mower. I did not even think to look on Amazon! The price is awesome! Do you know what kind of warranty comes with it?

    • >hello proud mom of Matt 🙂 
      Moving can be difficult, especially if you left stuff behind.
      GreenWorks gives a 4yr warranty on the 80v mower line  against defects in materials, parts or workmanship and 1yr on the batteries. 
      You can take a look at the full review here

  11. I think which mower you need depends on you and your grass. Do you mulch? Collect the grass in a bag? or like longer grass? how long does a battery last? How big if a lawn would each mow before dying. Are the lighter and easier to push then a regular motor? How long does it take for one to charge? Are they self propelled? and do they have any safety features?

    • Hi Lisa,

      You are absolutely right. These are the kinds of questions we try to answer here. Are you looking to buy a self propelled mower soon? Which mower would you go with? GreenWorks or EGO?


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