Honda MIIMO Review Updated (310, 520 and 3000 Comparison) – Honda MIIMO in USA now

Honda MIIMO announced that it will be coming to America in summer 2017. It has been available in the UK for a while but decided to make its way to the Americans and rival the Husqvarna supremacy. We currently have Husqvarna as the king of all mowers, so after this Honda MIIMO review and comparison, we will be publishing a line of comparison articles titled “Husqvarna Automowers Versus Honda MIIMO Automowers.”

The latest we reviewed is the Honda MIIMO 3000 which seems very impressive. We reviewed all three MIIMO robot mowers and then we did a comparison so that you can decide which one is right for your lawn.

Overall rating of the MIIMO product line


Honda Robotic Mowers Available in the US

The Honda MIIMO robotic mower line includes:

Honda MIIMO 310

Honda  MIIMO 520

Honda Miimo 3000

All three MIIMO robotic mowers work based on the same general principle but the MIIMO 3000 has some additional features. For all three MIIMO bots, a low voltage boundary wire is placed around the perimeter of the area you wish to be mowed. This sends a signal to the robotic mowers to stop and turn. If they are functioning properly, then the mowers should not be able to pass the wires. You should also set boundaries around soft objects such as flower beds and pools without risen edges. The mowers have sensors that tell them to turn around after hitting a hard object so you do not need to set boundaries around hard objects.

This Honda MIIMO comparison will cover the following aspects of the mowers:

Features of the MIIMO robomowers and your lawn – Which MIIMO mower is right for you?

Flaws with the MIIMO line – Did Honda create robotic mower perfection with MIIMO?

Value of each mower – Are the MIIMO mowers too expensive? 

Best place to buy MIIMO online – Where can you find the best deals on MIIMO robotic mowers online?

Features of the MIIMO robomowers and your lawn – 

Which MIIMO mower is right for you?

Honda MIIMO 310

If you have a small, simple lawn, with slopes up to 20 Degrees, this mower might be your guy. If you do not live in a very rainy area, you can get a cheaper robotic mower to handle your lawn. The biggest advantages of this mower over cheaper brands are slope management, security features, and the fact that it is waterproof. So if you live in a sunny area and your lawn is flat, you should take a look at some cheaper options before deciding. You can take a look at the robotic mower suggestions we have for small lawns. If you want a top-notch mower for your lawn and your budget agrees with the price, this little MIIMO 310 or the Husqvarna 315 should make you a happy customer.

Husqvarna 315

miimo 310

Honda MIIMO 520

If you have a medium-large lawn, this might be your guy. This MIIMO handles lawns up to 3000m sq. (0.74 acres) very well. Larger lawns tend to have more severe slopes. If you have slopes above 20 degrees, this might not be right for you. Husqvarna 430X might be a better fit. In some fast-growing areas, there have been complaints of overgrowth during the rainy season but otherwise, it performs very well. The major advantages of this mower are that it is weather-proof, has top-notch security features, has the spiral cut feature, and handles large, complicated lawns with flowerbeds well.

Husqvarna 430X


Honda MIIMO 3000

If your lawn is between 3000m sq. and 4000m sq. (0.99 acres), this will be perfect for you. It cuts grass two times faster than the MIIMO 310 and has an impressive remote control feature. It is also waterproof so you can sit within the comfort of your home and use your phone to make patterns in your grass, while it is raining if you fancy such things. For us simple folks, we appreciate the fact that we can stay inside and tell our little MIIMO bot to return to its charging station and take a rest for the night. Also, it is 3db quieter than the MIIMO 310 and MIIMO 520, but this does not make much of a difference.

MIIMO 3000 would be comparable to Husqvarna Automower 450X. The MIIMO 3000 looks the same as the 520 and the Husqvarna 450X looks the same as the 430x

Flaws with the MIIMO line –

Did Honda create robotic mower perfection with MIIMO?

We found 2 major flaws.

  1. Limited slope height management (less than 25 Degrees)
  2. Cutting height must be manually adjusted for all mowers. MIIMO 3000 needs an upgrade there to be worth it.

Otherwise, MIIMO is a very solid competitor for robotic mower supremacy.

Value of each mower –

Are the MIIMO mowers too expensive? 

Robots are very expensive because they save us a lot of time and money. Honda generally produces quality products and MIIMO bots are no exception. Robotic mowers are generally costly because you will be saving a lot in the long run so durability and effectiveness are what really matter. There are more costly robotic mowers of lower quality than MIIMO so I would say spending it on a MIIMO is worth it.

Best place to buy MIIMO online –

Where can you find the best deals on MIIMO robotic mowers online?

I did not see any on Amazon but eBay has some good deals worth looking into.


……What do you think about the MIIMO bots? Are they worth it?????????

Comment below and let me know what you think

2 thoughts on “Honda MIIMO Review Updated (310, 520 and 3000 Comparison) – Honda MIIMO in USA now”

  1. Hi there,

    Awesome review!
    Honestly, I’ve never seen this kind of machine before. I have a tool at home to cut the grass, but I have to do it by myself. This machine is a dream! I really like the third one on the comparison table. I think I will choose the Husqvarna model because it looks stronger and most importantly, it is less noisy than the other machines.

    What is the warranty limitation?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hello Daniella,

      Great to have you here on our comments. Thanks for the positive feedback. We love when our readers get involved!
      To answer your qeustion about Warranty… I’m not sure if your were asking about Husqvarna or Miimo but Husqvarna has a 5 year warranty while MIIMO is 2 years.


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