Husqvarna Automower 450x Review-New

Husqvarna Automower 450X Review – Updated

Husqvarna Automower 450X




Power and Performance


Efficiency and Ease of Use




Ease of finding replacement parts




Pros and Praises from buyers

  • Excellent Cut
  • Pet safe
  • Child safe
  • Exellent Anti-theft features
  • Water Resistant and Weather proof
  • Handles large, complicated lawns very well
  • Easily cleaned
  • Independent
  • Programmable from app anywhere you are
  • Excellent slope height management - best on the market

Cons and complaints from buyers

  • High Cost

This updated Husqvarna Automower 450X Review was done to help you separate all the hype surrounding robots from the hard truth about these automowers. After more than 2 years on the market, we were very excited to see what customers would be saying. It costs almost $1000 more than the already expensive Husqvarna 430X so it must have something special right? We think it is one of the best automowers.

A lot of the robotic lawn mowers we have looked at so far are just very fancy toys to see on your lawn but are usually just that and nothing more. When we reviewed the Husqvarna 430X (look in the suggested posts below), we were also very impressed but is this update worth the extra cash?

Let’s see

Full Review (UPDATED)- C-ELMR Product Review 100013 

Product: Husqvarna Automower 450X Robotic Lawn Mower

Company: Husqvarna

Model: 967 62 26-05 

General Market Price: Estimated USD 3499.95 at Husqvarna Website 

Where to buy New online:  Amazon or eBay

Guarantee: 2 Year Warranty

So what is the Husqvarna Automower 450X? 

The Husqvarna Automower 450X is one of the latest automowers in a series of robotic lawn mowers available from the Husqvarna company. They make your lawn 99% maintenance-free.

How will it work? Its very simple

Well leaving all the boring, techy “Mombo jumbo” aside, they work by using a low voltage guidewire and a very intelligent user interface to cut your lawn without your supervision. You can even make adjustments from your phone, tablet or computer. You can change the settings on the automower from anywhere.

This is what FREEDOM looks like!

Husqvarna 450X automower monitor from laptop

Unlike many other robotic mowers, the Automower 450X has a GPS that uses satellite technology to communicate with your phone.

The only thing you need to do is customize the user interface and set up the charging station and guide wires to tell the automower how, when, and where you want it to cut.

When this is done, you will have a maintenance-free lawn for years.

Here is a YouTube video by Husqvarna showing how the Automower works 

Sounds great right? This is exactly how the Husqvarna automower 430X works, so what is so special about the 450X for it to cost almost $1000 more than the automower 430X?

As usual, in my reviews, I look at seven different factors to determine if the lawnmowers are any good so take a look.

Our Husqvarna Automower 450X review covered the following:

Design                                                                             husqvarna automower 450x review checklist



Efficiency and Ease of Use


Ease of locating replacement parts

Customer service from the company

Design – The very best we’ve seen so far!

For most, the boring but essential details…don’t worry, we broke it down below in the table and then you scroll down for Husqvarna automower video reviews if you hate to read.


specs for husqvarna automower 450x

Good news for people with huge lawns

The Husqvarna automower 450X is one step above the Husqvarna automower 430X because it was designed to handle huge lawns of up to 1.25 acres.

I’m sure you will not be able to physically monitor the mower on such a large lawn. Like the 430X, the 450X has a top-quality security system that alarms whenever someone interferes with it without using the security pin. The app tracks your mower’s location if stolen, renders it useless by the thief, and then it will be blacklisted from all support both on-site and online.

Take a look at this video explaining the major features of the Husqvarna Automower 450X

User Interface allows you to truly connect with your ROBOT

As mentioned above, this automower has a user interface that can be monitored and programmed from your phone using an app called the Automower Connect. You can get the app on the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android phones.

Husqvarna has an app for the apple watch phone also. You can also track where it has been using satellite imagery of your lawn and a heat sensor pattern. If you cannot get the app, they still have you covered, because you can opt to get text message updates. The mower also comes with a remote in case there are any areas that you would like to do a special cut.

How high can it cut without bogging down? Height of grass cut

Automower 450X can cut very high grass without giving an error signal. It cuts between 0.8 to 2.4 inches off the tip of the grass with each mow so you can set it to cut at 2.4 inches at first then adjust it later to do a second trip to get your grass lower if you wish.

The Impressive Spiral Cut Feature – Do you have flower beds?

If you have a flower bed or few, your Husqvarna will automatically switch to spiral mode around your flower bed and switch back when it moves away from it.  The spiral cut feature allows the automower to move in perfect circles. This is great not only to look at. The spiral cut feature is an especially useful mobility and flexibility feature for people who have flower beds weaved into their lawns.

How powerful are these robots?

Power, Performance, and Efficiency – How did Husqvarna pull of a 5-star rating?

These automowers outperformed all the other automowers that I have seen so far, including the Husqvarna 430X.

The good:

  • It can handle very large lawns without leaving uncut sections throughout the week.
  • It can cut lawns with slopes up to 45 % without compromising on the quality of the cut.
  • It cuts through some grass heights that some push mowers would get bogged down on.
  • Can handle patches in your lawn that other automowers will get stuck in. So if like me, you do not have a perfect lawn, this robotic mower will still work.
  • It does not leave clumps of grass in your yard for you to rake. It leaves small clippings that are great for your lawn in terms of soil water retention and fertilization. For all the lazies like me, awesome feature.
  • Low maintenance cost so it basically pays for itself in a few years if you are currently paying someone to cut your lawn.
  • It does not leave very noticeable tire marks in your grass. It runs in all directions leaving a smooth finish.
  • It turns pretty well to avoid getting stuck after meeting an obstacle and quickly navigates its way out of tight spaces. Very independent little guy.
  • It is very safe to use as the blades stop when lifting or tilting the mower so you do not need to worry about losing a few fingers each time you tilt it.


The bad:

    • It works faster in low grass so it is advised that you trim before dropping this automower in the equation.
      • When placed in very tall, thick grass, it will take care of the lawn but it might get stuck a few times initially until the automower gets it under control at a more convenient height but it works better than all the others we have seen so far.
      • It does not get to the edges if there is a wall or other obstacle at the edge of the lawn because the blades are tucked away under the mower. This is a safety precaution.

Take a look at these two videos of the Husqvarna 450X on large lawns with complicated structures. Pretty impressive!

It powers through your lawn even in the rain, without any problems. So for people who live in rainy areas with rapid grass growth rates and have a lot of slopes, you finally have an automower on the market that can handle your lawn without you having to lift a straw after the installation process.

Most mowers will get destroyed by rain and other adverse weather conditions so we were impressed by this feature on the Husqvarna Automower 450X. Speaking of the installation process, how hard is that to do?

Ease of use – The installation process is hassle-free so it’s another 5 stars here

This mower gets 5 stars for ease of use. All you need to do is set up the guide wires and program the automower and it is hassle-free for the rest of your lawn life.

Take a look at this short video showing you how to get through the installation process

The installation process is the same for the Husqvarna 430x

      • Sketch the area of your yard that you intend to let your automower work. You should take into consideration all the flower beds, connections, or other complicated structures of your lawn.


      • After doing the sketch, you decide where you want to place your charging station. It should be placed on a flat surface close to a power outlet with a clear path before it for the automower to travel home.


      • After the planning stage, you install your charging base by simply securing it with pegs to the lawn surface so that it does not move while the automower is trying to dock.


      • You then set out to lay your guide wires. While laying the wire does not take a genius, it takes patience. The Husqvarna 450X Automower is recommended for lawns up to 1.25 acres so it might take a long while to get the guide wires around all the parameters, especially if there are connecting lawns, narrow connections and a lot of flower beds or other structures to run the guide wires around. The large kit comes with one 150 meters and one 250 meter spool for 400 meters total. This mower series can handle a total of 792.48 m or 2600 feet of the guidewire. Two large kits should suffice for an area that large.

(While laying the guide wires, you need to measure the distance between each peg your place and the edge of your mowing area to ensure that it is at least 14 inches away from the edges. This will prevent it from getting stuck on turns. If you have a large lawn, you might want to consider hiring someone to do it but you might have the patience to get it done by yourself. You can contact us using our contact page and we will recommend a service near you to help with your installation process)

Overall, I would say that for you to go through the process of laying the wires once is nothing compared to the trouble and time wasted mowing your lawn for two to four hours weekly or bi-weekly, especially in the rainy season.

What about Durability and Ease of locating replacement parts? 

Unlike cheaper brands, these mowers have a 2-year warranty on them. From what I have seen from customers, these automowers will last a very long time.

Judging from the 430X mower reviews, which have been around for longer, all you need to worry about in expenses is changing the blades every few months. The blades are like USD $10 for 30 pieces so no problems there.

You might want to change the wheels and bearings now and then if they wear out. The total repair kit with blades, wheels, and bearings cost a little over $24 on eBay.

How often you replace these parts will depend on the terrain of your lawn and how rocky it is. These are also found on Amazon.

Customer service from the company


Who would I recommend this mower for?

best automower for freedom

      • Elderly
      • Disabled
      • Busy individuals
      • Looking to spend more time with the family
      • People who hate mowing
      • Do not feel secure allowing strangers to cut your lawn
      • lawn size of 800 sq ft to 1.25 acres with slopes.
      • Connecting lawns
      • Complicated garden with narrow passageways.
      • Travel a lot – mower can be monitored from your phone or computer.

Value – My Final Thoughts


Although these Husqvarna 450X automowers will cost up to USD $3500.00, it is worth the purchase. The price of the mower and the low maintenance cost will equate to the expenses you would have had with a gas mower within three years. The major difference between the 450X and the 430X is that the 450X was built to combat larger lawns more efficiently.

The convenience of having a mower that does all the work on such a large lawn, with complicated structures embedded into it, is worth the cost.

Where to buy  your Husqvarna Automower for the best price

It is best to buy the Husqvarna automowers online as you will get them much cheaper.

Best Price- Click here to view the best price on eBay

Also found on Amazon: Click here to view on Amazon




  • Power
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Efficiency and ease of use
  • Durability
  • Ease of locating replacements for wearable parts
  • Value
  • Customer service support from company


Hands down one of the best Automower we have seen so far. At the prices you saw above, I know you will be getting your money back many times over in the years to come when you consider the low maintenance cost and the time you would have lost mowing your lawn. I love automowers but I am still waiting for the day when an automower as great as this one, will be as cost-effective as the WORX Landroid robotic mower. Now take a look at the review above to see why this beats the Husqvarna automower 430X and all the other automowers out there right now or scroll to the comment section to see what others are saying. You can also view other customer reviews here

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  1. Hello,
    Nice review. Very detailed but I have some concerns.
    1. Is it really safe to buy this automower online?
    If so, what would be your number 1 recommendation?
    2. Which cheaper option would you recommend for a 1 acre lawn, mostly flat with a circular garden and a few other plants here and there

    • Hey there,
      Thank you :). To answer your questions,
      1. So usually Amazon is very dependable for online purchases. We haven’t had any complaints from our viewers so far. Delivery was prompt and the item was as described.
      2. I emailed you a list of mowers that you could take a look at.
      I hope that helps!
      Thanks for stopping by our page and let us know if there is anything else we can do for you


  2. Very much liked the review. One issue I would have is my lawn is oddly shaped and would have a very long boundary wire. The review does not mention that there is a limit to the length of the boundary wire, which, if I read the installation requirements correctly is 2,600 feet. I doubt I could enclose my area with that amount of wire, but am measuring.

    I also noticed that you said it could handle a 45 degree slope. Unless I read it wrong, it is a 45% slope, which equated to just under 22 degrees. The boundary wire is further limited to just under a 9 degree slope (15%).

    • Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews. Feedback is always appreciated which help us to improve reviews. Thanks for detecting that typo. We have changed it since. If your lawn is larger than the area covered you might need two to keep your lawn well kept at all times. Quite an expensive venture but well worth it. Take a look at the 430X also.

  3. The Husqvarna Automower 450X looks amazing! I have been using a push mower since I was a little kid. To think how far technology has brought things!

    You mentioned placing the charging base on a flat surface with a clear path. so I am wondering if this means that one should set up the charging base outdoors?

    Is it all weather, or should the platform be placed in a shed or a garage?

    • Well besides ice and snow, normally customers install it on a flat area outside and leave it there throughout the seasons. It is waterproof and has been living up to that standard so far but if you would feel more comfortable placing it in a shed or garage then you can do so.

  4. Is it suitable in gardens were there are hidden stones and sticks?

    i say that because when i mow the lawn the normal machine just stops working. another worry for me is that it wont get along the edges of the fence or concrete properly.

    Saying that i actually love this sort of technologies where it helps to make our lives easier. I will most likely get one if i buy house with a massive garden.

    • Hey Mubs,

      They really do save us a lot of time and energy.

      Regarding your questions,

      The hidden stones will wear out your blades faster but otherwise it should be fine. As long as the stones are small enough that the mower can go over them, it will move right along. If they are big enough to activate the bump sensors, it will mow around it in spiral mode. 

      Same for the sticks, it will run over the sticks and leave them behind with little or no damage as long as the sticks are not big enough to activate the bump sensor. 

      For the concrete, for example your driveway edges, it will do just fine cutting the edges as long as it is not risen above the grass too much (as this would activate the bump sensors). 

      Wherever there is grass within the boundaries of the guidewire, this mower will find it.

      For the fence, it will require edging as the blades are tucked away under the mower for your safety.

      And Mubs, If you have any other concerns feel free to continue our chat here or contact us if you require a private convo. 

  5. One of the coolest things about this mower, I took from the video, is that it has built-in theft deterrent measures. That was one of my biggest concerns, given price, it seems like something that would be easy to steal. I absolutely love the idea of this mower. I know there are robo vacuums, self-driving cars, so I wondered when these robo mowers would be available. This is really cool and would be a big time saver, as I have a lot of yard to mow. My only reservation is the price. I need to have a talk with my wife and tell her about all the other projects I could do if I didn’t have to spend so much time mowing the lawn. Thanks for your very thorough review, it’s been very helpful.

    • Hey Steve, 

      You are welcome and good luck with the wife. We love attention so stress the point that you will have more time for her if you have a robot to do the lawn for you…that should work 😉

  6. wow what a great review, its amazing how technologies can help us so much these days !

    i like the video that you post here, it covers quite full of information about husqvarna, especially the how to install it

    thank you for sharing this and cant’ wait for your next post

    • HI Albert,

      Happy you enjoyed my review. We will be posting a MIIMO robotic mower review soon. We will also be doing a comparison of the Honda MIIMO and the Husqvarna line of automowers.

      Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list so that you can get an email with our latest reviews and lawn mower recall notices. 

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  7. This is a very good comparison of these two automowers. The charts really helped me see where each mower shined or lacked. I enjoyed the video so I could see the mowers in action and how they really worked and the major features. I also enjoyed the videos showing the complicated structures. Thank you for the information.

    • Happy you found it helpful. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your support. We always appreciate comments on our articles.

  8. Wow, that was a lot of useful information. I feel like your review covered a lot of my questions and I love tech friendly products. People don’t have time like they used to to do things around the house. The videos were informative and I like seeing the product in action.

  9. First of all, your article is very impressive. I knew that there were mowers of this type, but this thing is incredible. Your videos really knock your page out of the park.

    I thought as I started to read that I would be asking you several questions, however, you covered everything that I could imagine.

    You page is thorough and well thought out. I love this mower. I was a little concerned about the $3200 price tag, but when you consider what a good lawn tractor costs today, this price is not bad at all.

    You article is informative as well as educational and I am sure that anyone reading it will be wanting to buy one of these. Great Job.

  10. What a very well written review of The Husqvarna Automower 450X!

    I am on the lookout for one of these robot lawnmowers for my garden and this one seems to be a serious contender. Since our garden is massive!
    However can this lawnmower detect pets that might be in the way?

    • Hey Theresa, 

      If you have a large lawn then this Husqvarna automower 450x is the man for the job. It is completely pet safe. It does detect objects and slows down when approaching the object. I have seen videos of pets playing with the automower. I have also seen where pets are terrified of them but they warm up to the mowers within a few weeks.


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