Kobalt 80 Volt KM2180B Mower Review

Kobalt 80-Volt KM2180B-06 Cordless Electric Mower Review – Kobalt Cordless Mowers

Kobalt 80V Mower








Efficiency and Ease of Use


Ease of finding replacement parts






Pros and Praises from buyers

  • Very powerful
  • 3 different cutting options
  • Easy to install
  • Light and easy to maneuver
  • Very durable material
  • One handle adjusts all wheel heights
  • Brushless moter
  • Short time for battery charge (30 minutes each)
  • Up to 60 minutes run time

Cons and complaints from buyers

  • Not Self propelled
  • Does not handle tall grass well
  • Minimal max. height option
  • Does not have LED lights
  • Awkward handle

This Kobalt 80 Volt KM2180B-06 Mower Review (updated 2020) will help you to decide if Kobalt is the right brand for you. There are other 80V cordless electric mowers out there so let us see how this Kobalt mower will perform.

For this Kobalt Lawn Mower Review, we will look at details of the most important aspects of these Kobalt cordless mowers, give you a list of pros and cons of each, and then you can decide for yourself if this mower is right for you. There is a review summary below with the Pros and Cons of the mower if you want to skip all the details (Scroll down).

We looked at these key aspects of the mower:

Design Husqvarna automower 450x review checklist



Efficiency and Ease of Use


Ease of locating replacement parts

Customer service from the company


We will also suggest other lawn mowers like the Kobalt 80V for you to see other feasible options.

Kobalt Lawn Mower Review [C-ELMR Review 100004]

Product: Kobalt 80-volt max brushless lithium-ion (li-ion) 21-in deck width cordless electric push lawnmower

Company: Kobalt

General Market Price: $500 -$700 with two batteries

Best place to buy: Lowe’s Department Stores / Amazon

Warranty: 5 years on mower and 3 years on the batteries

Stars from C-ELMR:

Design – Light and easy to use

This Kobalt lawn mower has a great design for easy maneuvering around your lawn. It has a conveniently placed start option and cushioned handles but the cutting heights available could be higher and it does not have any lights. Most people do not mow at nights so the absence of the light does not bother them.

Start option

This is a two-stage process. There is an encased blue circular start -button on the right hand of the handle of the Kobalt 80V mowers. All you need to do is ensure that the battery is in the mower, press the blue button, hold for a few seconds until you pull the start handlebar and hear the motor roar to life.

Weight and size

This is a very light mower compared to gas mowers. It is 58 lbs with a front-wheel height of 8 inches and a back wheel height of 10 inches for easy pushing.

Cutting Options

Both bagging and mulching are available in the Kobalt 80V mower. The bags are easily removed and easily replaced in the mower. There are two metal blades.

Height of grass cut

There are seven height adjustments available between 1.375 and 3.375 inches. This is a bit limited when compared to other mowers that go up to 3.75 inches and limits the mower.

Noise level

This mower is not very loud compared to a gas mower. Your neighbors will not have any complaints.


2 80V lithium-ion batteries – Last up to 60 minutes

Take a look at the video below reviewing the general design of the Kobalt 80V cordless mower

Power-One of the highest voltage electric mowers on the market

Cordless mowers usually have a problem in the power department. These Kobalt cordless mowers are very powerful. The advantage of brushless motors is that they have less resistance and energy wastage, making them perform more efficiently to release the true power from the batteries. They carry 80V max with two 2 amp batteries that charge in 30 minutes and last for 60 to 70 minutes. This is a relatively short charging time for battery life when compared to other brands. The entire line of Kobalt 80V products well with these interchangeable batteries



This mower performs well over 1/3 acres and less. It will take a few recharges to get the rest done. The mower cuts well at all 7 adjustments. Tall grass is a problem for the mower as it gets clogged with clumps of grass. This is most likely due to the design with low maximum height adjustment available. I mean, it is a powerful mower so why not give it a higher lift somewhere in the seven height adjustment options. The blades will not spin unless you clear the grass then you can start mowing again. You would have done this about 5 times during a mowing session of your 1/3 acre lawn. The thing to note with all electric mowers is that you should release the start handlebar and stop the mower immediately if you realize that it is clogged up with grass. Forcing it will damage your motor.

Here is a YouTube video showing a review of the general performance of the Kobalt 80V mower

Efficiency and Ease of Use

  • Being a brushless motor, this mower heats up less and functions more efficiently
  • Starting the mower is simple enough
  • Removing the battery and charging it is simple also.
  • The lightness of the mower along with the design makes it easy to maneuver around the lawn.
  • Three in one option for mulching, bagging or sideways discharge is very satisfactory.
  • Switching from bagging to mulching is just as you see it in the videos above. Removing the bag and replacing it is easier than a lot of mowers I have seen. Definitely less awkward than doing it on a Ryobi 40V mower.
  • Folding the handle for storage is a bit more awkward than other mowers. EGO seems to have the most convenient handles for folding and adjusting.

Overall a joy for most people to use

Durability – No complaints here

According to customers, this Kobalt mower seems as if it will outlast the 5-year warranty that is on it. The blades do not break easily, the covering is made of steel material instead of the plastic garbage that some mower companies (like Ryobi) are using to decrease the weight of the mower. Kobalt uses steel and the mower is still as light as the others.

Ease of locating replacements for wearable parts – Pretty easy

I found the batteries on eBay and Lowe’s so I would say that the batteries are easily replaced. You have a three-year warranty on the batteries so the company will replace them if any faults develop within that time. The blades can also be found on eBay and Lowe’s.

Customer Service from Company

Value – Worth the purchase?

The Kobalt 80 Volt mower is worth the purchase. The only problem I saw with it is that it does not handle very tall grass well. It is a durable mower and does an otherwise good job of getting through your grass without the problems of a less powerful mower. I just wish this thing could cut higher grass. When I saw 80V I had such high hopes that it would have something like 5Ah batteries and at least 4 In. maximum height adjustment to get through anything.

Summary – Pros and Cons

Pros and praises from buyers

  • Very powerful
  • Easy to install
  • Light and easy to maneuver around lawn
  • Very durable material
  • 7 variations in height adjustments
  • One handle adjusts all the wheel heights
  • Brushless mower so batteries last longer
  • Short time for battery charge (30 minutes each)
  • Long battery life. Batteries actually last as long as the company says it does but in low grass (60 minutes)
  • 3 different cutting options

Cons and complaints from buyers

  • It does not have LED lights
  • It does not cut very tall grass well without stalling, expected more from an 80V mower but the low maximum height adjustment design limits its efficiency in tall grass.
  • The handle is awkward to fold for storage

Recommended for – Is this mower right for you?

After conducting this Kobalt electric mower review, I would recommend the Kobalt 80V push mower to anyone with 1/3 acres of land or less, with grass height 6 cm or less who does not cut grass late at night. If this is the case and you have a budget of $500-$600 and you want to get the mower + battery and the charger for that price, then the Kobalt 80V mower could be your man for the job. You can take a look at the suggested post below to see if there are any other mowers similar to this that would work better for you.

You should also consider reading the GreenWorks Pro 80V 21″ Mower Review and the EGO 56V mower review. They are similar to this Kobalt 80V mower but according to customers, GreenWorks and EGO are not only cheaper but also work better in taller grass and are more energy-efficient.

Where you can buy this mower online

You can buy this mower online safely from Amazon and other online stores.

Check out this video review from one of our readers who bought the Kobalt mower after comparing the other brands



Kobalt 80V mower review
  • Power
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Efficiency and ease of use
  • Durability
  • Ease of locating replacements for wearable parts
  • Value


The Kobalt 80 Volt mower is worth the purchase. The only problem I saw with it is that it does not handle very tall grass well because of the limited maximum height adjustments. If you have moderate height grass and up to 1/3 acres of lawn and a $600 budget then I would recommend this Kobalt mower as a candidate for the job. If you have tall thick grass, take a look at these selected options:
1. Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Electric Mower
2. Powerful self propelled cordless electric mowers

22 thoughts on “Kobalt 80-Volt KM2180B-06 Cordless Electric Mower Review – Kobalt Cordless Mowers”

  1. The “multipurpose” blade furnished withe the 80V kobalt mower does a VERY POOR job of bagging. My lawn looks more like a fresh cut hay field than a fres cut lawn when I finish. This despite the fact that I empty the bag frequently and only take about an 18” slice. The blade simply Will not lift and blow the grass into the bag. I’m stuck with a very unsatisfactory $500 purchase better suited for use as a boat anchor than a high quality lawn mower. Past experience leads me to believe that a blade designed for bagging would provide a much better result.

    • Sorry to hear you are having a bad experience. I guess you are getting a 2-in-1 mower functionality instead of the 3-in-1 function promised.

  2. I am a very visual person and I love that you incorporated videos into your post. The information I gained from reading your review made me think of things I should consider when buying a lawn mower.

    I loved how much information you gave about this product and were very honest about the pros and cons of it all.
    I will certainly be doing my homework when I decide to make a purchase. Thank you

  3. Hi Crystal,
    A very thorough and well done review of the Kobalt 80 Volt cordless mower. I have a small lawn and own a 20 in. 40 Volt Ryobi cordless mower that works very well for me. When it finally dies I’ll be looking for a higher powered machine with faster-charging batteries. The reason is that it doesn’t handle wet grass well, slowing down in deeper patches of lawn. I have two batteries for it and mowing a wet lawn means I have to change to the spare battery halfway through. So most of the time I just wait until the grass is dry.
    In your review, you note that it clogs up and you have to clean it before you can continue. I am guessing that it might also have difficulty with wet grass.
    So my question is, how well does the Kobalt 80 Volt mower handle wet grass?

    • Hey Ed,

      Customers say that the Kobalt 80V mower does well in wet and damp grass but personally I would not do that unless it is absolutely necessary. I would prefer to operate electrical devices on dry land. 

  4. I noticed more people are turning to “Green” when it comes to the traditional combustible 2 stroke 5-10 hp lawn mower. I’ve been thinking to make the transition my self but I never be leaved that I can get the performance from a battery operated lawn mower than you do with a gas one but you’ve shown me other wise thanks for the review.

    • You can count on these new electric mowers Dewayne,

      They are doing very well on the market and on lawns. You should really take them seriously. Anything we can do to preserve the environment is worth a second glance. Happy to see you on the green side. I hope you make the switch soon. 

      Thanks for dropping by. Use our forms on the contact page if you need suggestions for electric mower choices based on your budget, lawn type and size. We would be happy to help

  5. Thanks for this honest review. I’ve been looking at chordless mowers for a while and have never been able to decide what the differentiating factors are between the various manufacturers, voltages and models.

    One thing that I have always been concerned about is the ability to deal with rough or uneven ground; this is about the power to deal with the various grass heights, but also about the wheel size and style.

    From your experience, do you think this machie could deal with rough ground well? (Thinking here of an average garden where children have been playing in the mud etc)



    • Hey Al,

      I would recommend Ego for the heavy stuff. Kobalt tends to get stuck more often. Take a look at the Ego 56v 5Ah self propelled lawn mower review in the suggestions above and let me know which you think is a better fit for you.

  6. This is a perfect review of the cordless Kobalt 80V lawn mower, Crystal.

    I have a similarly sized lawn mower, but it has to be plugged into the mains. Like other mains-powered lawn mower users, I have accidentally cut through the power cable whilst mowing.

    I saw an advert on TV lately about a cordless mower, but I didn’t check out the tool.

    But when I came across this web page I was immediately impressed. I did not know how quick it is to charge the battery – 30 minutes. And the battery lasts for over an hour. That will do me fine.


    • Hey Janice,

      Thank you 🙂 Hubby should be getting the praises for this one though. 

      I always see a lot of complaints about the inconvenience of those cords. I do not review corded mowers for that same reason. I think that with the availability of powerful cordless electric mowers, people really do not need to be buying corded electric mowers anymore. So we focus on cordless electric mowers.

      This Kobalt 80V is one of the most powerful guys out there.  It, along with the GreenWorks, Husqvarna, the EGO, Black and Decker and some others  are really impressive. I saw an 82 V mower from another brand that I plan on reviewing soon but from what I have seen so far, the design is not great. 

      The  Kobalt is a great choice. All the best Janice. If you need help with anything else related to cordless electric mowers, visit our contact page and send us a message or reply here. 


  7. Husqvarna auto mower features explained were really informative. I love the way the rechargeable mower returns to the charging station when the power is low. The boundary of operation is preset with underground sensor fencing The safety blades that cut the grass and leaves the lawn with uniformly cut grass, this would not have been possible with than high kinetic blades which tear the grass.
    The anti theft features are great, they give off an alarm if
    The mower operation is stopped by lifting without entering pin code. Even if stolen cant be matched to other charging stations. Some models have geo-fence protection in the sense that if taken out of the boundary of operation the alarm goes off.
    Great website for auto lawn mowing

  8. Enjoyed reading your review on Kobalt 80 volte Mower. I sincerely look after my gardening, but sometimes it is kinda frustrating to do all with just one hand. However, Grasscutters are much better way to deal this. I’m looking to buy one for me If you suggest me any good mower, then it would be so sweet of you.

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this great detailed review of the Koblat 80 v mower.
    It’s good to know the pros and cons of a product before I go to the store to look at this mower.
    I’m interested to get a cordless mower, I have a cord mower and I have to work to manage the cord all the time.
    As you share on your review price and warranty time, you make clear all the important issues about this mower.

    • You’re Welcome,

      Mowing with a cord can be frustrating. Feel free to browse through the Website for other reviews  of cordless mowers as well.


  10. Awesome review! I just wish I had found it sooner! We just recently bought the ego the last generation of it. Unfortunately it won’t do my whole yard on a single charge ( way less than a 1/3 acre). It has the same issues as the kobalt, will not do tall grass to well. My only real question is, The kobalt will do a 1/3 acre with only one of the 2 batteries provided? If so I can’t wait for the Ego to die out and hopefully upgrade to the latest generation of the kobalt, when the time will come! Thank you for a great review!

    • Thanks for reading! Glad I could help. Funny you should mention the EGO. I am doing a EGO 56 Volt max self propelled review right now and it is not going well. I see a lot of complaints from customers.  

      To answer your question  about  the  Kobalt 80V max lawn mower…Yes it works with just one 80V battery.  The  other can be charged while you are using the the mower so you really never have to run  out of  power while mowing. A  big advantage of  the   Kobalt mower is  that  it   comes with two batteries and  they charge up pretty fast

  11. Excellent review! I have read your very detailed review of the Koblat 80 v mower and I agree it is a fine mower. I appreciate the breakdown of the features and recommended yard size for a mower of this type. I was considering this type of mower but I have half acre of land to mow. Do you think this mower would be a good choice for me? Or should I find one that has a longer run time?

    • Hey Dave,

      Thanks for your kind comments. This Kobalt 80 volt could definitely work for your half acre but it would take more charges. I would imagine that you take breaks while mowing such a big yard. The charge time is only 30 minutes so you could charge it on your lemonade break and then get right back to it.

      Also, you have such a big lawn. Your yard seems like a lot of work. Take a look at these robotic mowers that will get the job done for you without any work at all. They would work perfectly for you

      Robotic lawn mower reviews



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