EGO select cut LM2135SP 56 V versus GreenWorks Pro 80 V

New EGO 56V Select Cut 21″ Self-Propelled Mower Versus GreenWorks Pro 80V, 4Ah Self-Propelled Mower

EGO Select Cut 56 V 7.5 Ah LM2135SP Self Propelled Mower Versus GreenWorks Pro 80V 4 Ah MO80L410 Self-Propelled mower Comparison…Which is worth the buy? This mowing season, the EGO Select Cut 56V LM2135SP and the GreenWorks Pro 80V 21 mowers are two of the hottest mowers on the market so it only makes sense to pin them against each other.

To do this right, we will look at the following aspects, which we call “The ten pillars of a good electric mower”

  1. Design
  2. Power
  3. Performance
  4. Efficiency and ease of use 
  5. Durability
  6. Ease of locating replacements for wearable parts
  7. Overall Value
  8. Complaints from buyers
  9. Praises from buyers 

New EGO LM2135SP Design Versus GreenWorks Pro 80V MO80L410 Design

15 Similarities Between EGO Select Cut LM2135SP and GreenWorks Pro 80 V 4 Ah MO80L410 Design to Consider:

  1. Both are self-propelled mowers
  2. Both have brushless motors
  3. Both have a push-button start option
  4. Both have the safety bail switch
  5. Both have a single-handle height adjustment lever that adjusts all four wheels at the same time
  6. Both have a 21″ deck
  7. Both have 21″ metal blades
  8. Both have three-in-1 cutting options; Bagging, mulching, and sideways discharge
  9. Both have the smart cut/ Select cut feature
  10. Both are recommended for yard sizes up to 1//2 acre
  11. Both have lithium-ion batteries
  12. Both batteries take 60 minutes to charge
  13. Both handle slopes up to 15 Degrees
  14. Both have a vertical storage position option
  15. Both are Weather resistant

7 Differences between EGO Select Cut LM2135SP and GreenWorks Pro 80 V Ah MO80L410 design to consider

These mowers are incredibly similar but one has to wonder why EGO is going for $100 more than the GreenWorks Self-Propelled lawnmower in some stores.

Difference #1. Deck EGO – Plastic VS GreenWorks – Metal

Both mowers look sturdy from the box but EGO is plastic while GreenWorks is metal. While there have not been any complaints about the durability of the EGO deck, GreenWorks Wins here because a metal deck will last longer unless you live close to the beach, then the metal will rust faster.

Difference #2. Blades EGO Dual Blade System VS GreenWorks Single Blade

Both mowers come with metal blades but EGO uses a dual blade system and comes with 3 blades while GreenWorks uses a single blade system. EGO has one Upper Blade and comes with two lower blades which are used interchangeably – 1 specialized EDGE mulching blade and 1 specialized EDGE bagging blade.

Difference #3. Headlights EGO – Yes VS GreenWorks – No

If you plan on doing a little night or early morning mowing, EGO has headlights bright enough to take you through a mowing session during those odd mowing hours. GreenWorks does not come with headlights

Difference #4. The Battery and Charger Pack

Both have lithium-ion batteries and the chargers have cooling systems for the batteries, but there are some noticeable differences between the two.

EGO indicates 5 different charging levels on both the battery and the charger. They tell when the battery is full at 100% and then shows when it is at 80%–>60%–>40%–>20%. This allows you to monitor your battery status effectively while mowing as well as when charging. There is also a battery indicator on the control panel located on the handle that flashes red when the battery is below 15%.

GreenWorks mowers also have transparent battery housings but no fancy control panel like EGO does and there are 3 lights to indicate different battery levels.

Charge time –> EGO 45-60 mins Versus GreenWorks – 60 mins

No major difference here but depending on how hot your EGO battery gets, it might take less time to charge as the cooling-down time decreases. It can take anywhere between 45-60 minutes to charge while GreenWorks takes 60 minutes to charge an empty battery

Difference #5. Weight –> EGO 54.5 lbs VS GreenWorks 64.2 lbs

GreenWorks is heavier than EGO but only because of the metal deck. So your decision boils down to whether you prefer a heavier metal deck which might be more durable (unless you live on the beach) or if you want the lighter polymer deck, which is also very durable.

Difference #6. Ergonomics –> EGO > GreenWorks

With the new EGO lm2135SP everything is now within finger reach while you need to reach a bit further to control your GreenWorks mower functions.

Self Propel Trigger

EGO LM2135SP has 2 press button/pressure-sensitive self-propel triggers, one on the right and one on the left. This takes left dominant people into consideration.

GreenWorks has the normal self-propel handle that everyone is accustomed to where you pull it towards the handle to engage self-propel mode and release it to stop. The press-button option on the EGO is more convenient.

Speed Control Knob

With EGO, Now you can drive and adjust speed within fingers reach on the handle. With the GreenWorks Pro, the speed control knob is further down the handle. Both are convenient. I wouldn’t pay extra money to choose one over the other.

Handle Adjustments

GreenWorks requires unscrewing each time as seen in the picture above. For EGO, not only is the handle telescoping, but you just have to open the latch seen at the arrowheads, turn the Green Adjusters and you are good to go.

To fold the handle over the mower for storage, GreenWorks again requires unscrewing. For EGO, all you have to do is press and hold the lever until the handle adjusts to the position that you want.

The 5 handle positions include:

1. Locked Storage Position
2. Grass Bag Attachment/Removal Position
3. Upper Operating Position
4. Middle Operating Position
5. Lower Operating Position

 Difference #7. Indicators

This was not shown clearly in the picture above but EGO has a lot going on when it comes to indicators. Like I said in the EGO select cut review, this thing is like a car. On the control panel (located on the handle as seen in the video below the article), there are indicators similar to that of your car. You can diagnose a host of problems with a quick look in your manual to find out what the flashing lights mean.

➳Solid Green — Mower is working properly and battery >15%

➳Flashing green — The side rails are not fully extended or the handle is not locked in an operating position.

➳Flashing red — Low battery.

➳Solid orange — The mower stops due to overheating. Remove the battery from the mower, move them to the shade and cool them at least 15 minutes.

➳Flashing orange — The mower is overloaded.

➳Flashing red/green alternately — Error — Contact EGO customer service center.

➳Dark & LED on battery flashing — Battery overheating so release the bail switch, wait until the battery pack cools down to approximately 152°F (67°C), then restart the mower.

GreenWorks is very simple with no control panel on the handle except for the speed control and start button.

And our Design Winner is…

Both GreenWorks and EGO have good, sturdy designs with their large wheels, Brushless motors, and Li-ion batteries but considering that EGO has all the fine details covered on the handle and controls plus the dual blade system, they win the design title.

The only design feature that GreenWorks has over EGO is the metal deck but this adds to the weight.

Power and Performance

Both mowers perform very well but one takes the edge.

Pros of both mowers:

  1. Good grass cut quality
  2. Little or No grass clippings left behind while bagging
  3. Mulches well
  4. Revs up in thick grass to get a clean cut
  5. Smart cut/ Select cut feature conserves battery in low grass
  6. Easy to push
  7. Easy to switch from self-propel to push option
  8. Speed adjustment variation – option for you to move at your own pace
  9. Easy to handle over slopes


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Let’s talk about the mowing functions – Mulching, Bagging, and Sideways Discharge


EGO – With the new dual blade system, the powerful brushless motor, and 56V 7.5 Ah battery combination, EGO has superior mulching over all the other electric mowers we have reviewed so far.

GreenWorks – Even without the fancy blade system, GreenWorks still does an acceptable job of mulching


EGO – The new dual blade system delivers on the promise of fine clipping and the EDGE Premium bagging gets the job done without leaving clippings behind

GreenWorks – Leaves a small number of clippings behind. Minor

Sideways discharge

Both come with chute attachments. Both function well but do you use this function? Let me know in the comment section below.

➳Cut quality in the self-propel mode

EGO – Great throughout

GreenWorks – Gets the Job done also but leaves uncut section while revving up so you need to go over that little initial section of grass where it was revving up.

How long will your mowing session last?

➳EGO batteries will last up to 60 minutes so you can mow over a 1/2 acre before it dies while GreenWorks will last up to 45 minutes. This will depend on factors such as your grass species, moisture level, how tall and thick your grass is, etc. In thicker or wet grass, you will notice 10-15 minutes off the run time in self-propelled mode.

What about tall thick grass?

With the new blade system, EGO cuts through thicker grass easier than the GreenWorks.

Considering all of the above, the EGO takes the cake here. GreenWorks still does a good job but EGO does better with this new design

Efficiency and Ease of Use – Which mower is more user friendly?

Both mowers are easy to use and they do not require all the maintenance that a gas mower would need. All you need to do is use, recharge, clean, and store. If you are coming from a gas mower, read our tips on electric mower maintenance and care for more information on how to take care of your electric lawnmower.

Pros of both mowers:

  • Having brushless motors, both the GreenWorks and EGO mower will heat up less and function more efficiently than other brands without this design feature.
  • Both are “push-button” so they are both easy to start. No cranking required
  • The batteries are easy to charge and both only take 60 minutes to charge.
  • Both are lighter and easier to maneuver around the lawn compared to gas mowers
  • Switching between mowing functions is easy for both. Attachments are no trouble at all.
  • Folding the handle for storage is uncomplicated for both EGO and GreenWorks. Folding is made simple by the adjusters on the handle.
  • Standard blade changing and sharpening
  • You only need a damp cloth and/or a soft brush to clean the mowers
  • No winterizing needed

Based on the updated design features, the EGO is easier to use.

  1. It is easier to maneuver around the lawn in push mode because it is lighter.
  2. If you need to lift it to the garage, EGO is 10 lbs lighter so that’s a plus. GreenWorks is still feather-light compared to the regular gas 160 cc mowers.
  3. Removing the bag and emptying it is easier for EGO due to the option for adjusting the handle to the bag removal position.
  4. Also, some customers have complained that the GreenWorks bag tends to take a few shakes to get it to empty.

Durability – Which mower will last longer?

With both mowers, you are getting a brushless motor and Li-ion batteries so your mower will last you a long time but GreenWorks takes the cake.


  1. GreenWorks mowers have a metal deck
  2. GreenWorks mowers have longer-lasting blades. There have been complaints online that EGO blades are a bit softer and need to be changed or sharpened more frequently.

Who has a better Warranty?

EGO gives five (5) years on the mower and three (3) years on the battery and charger while GreenWorks four (4)-years warranty on the mower and two (2)-years warranty on the battery and charger. Both have good customer support.

How hard is it to find Replacement Parts?

Please remember, always call customer service for help with repairs and get information on certified repair services in your area. Blades, chargers, and batteries are easy to find on eBay, Amazon, Lowe’s, and other online stores.

Value – Which one should you buy?

GreenWorks costs $50 less than EGO so if you look at the differences I would say both are worth the purchase. It just depends on what you want and what you can afford.

To make your choice easier:

If you can afford the EGO and you want all the convenient updates, better mulching and bagging then go with the EGO

If you mind the Extra 10 lbs from the GreenWorks, go for the EGO

If you want a metal deck, go for the GreenWorks

Where should you buy these mowers this mowing season?


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