Ryobi RY14110 48V Self Propelled Mower Review – Ryobi RY14110 lawn mower

Ryobi 48V 10Ah Self Propelled Mower

Ryobi 48V 10Ah Self Propelled Mower







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                Pros and Praises from buyers

                • Self Propelled

                Cons and complaints from buyers

                • Battery NOT durable

                After many requests from our readers, we finally decided to review the Roybi RY14110 48V self propelled mower. This mower is one of the few self propelled electric mowers on the market. Others include the Greenworks 80V self propelled mower and Ego 56V self propelled mowers. If you are looking at electric mowers, you are probably looking to lose the smelly gas mower at home and buy an environmentally friendly battery operated mower. The self propelled function seems awesome to have so why not, right?

                …But how well will these electric mowers cut your lawn?

                …And what about run time?

                …Will they be able to handle your entire lawn in one charge?

                …How long does the mower actually last?

                These are some of the questions we will be answering we will be giving you today.

                Well Greenworks and Ego did well with their self propelled mowers, how about Roybi? Let’s find out.

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                Product: Ryobi RY14110 48V Self Propelled Volt mower

                General Market Price: USD $400

                Warranty: This product was discontinued 

                Best Deal Online: Amazon

                Update: This product was discontinued 

                This is a video from the company introducing the features of the mower.

                This Ryobi RY14110 lawn mower has lead acid batteries of 48V and 10Ah which means it is carrying the capacity to use 480Wh of energy to power the mower. This should be more powerful than a 160cc gas mower and perform with nothing short of excellence. The fact that this Ryobi mower has lead batteries means that if you allow them to become completely drained during each mow, you will not have a functional battery for next season. This was one major drawback. Also, you should not leave it charging overnight. Here are the major pros and cons of the Roybi Self Propelled mower:

                The good:

                • Self Propelled
                • No annoying cord
                • Great mulching
                • Great bagging
                • Great grass cut quality
                • The mower cuts tall grass well and does not get stuck while cutting.
                • Removing the bag, emptying it and replacing it in the mower is also no hassle.
                • The grass does not block up the mower while mowing
                • Charging is simple if the battery is actually working. You just need plug the charger in  a power outlet and place the battery in its slot.
                • The blades can easily removed to sharpen by loosening the nut holding it in place
                • Has safety key
                • Easy press button start option
                • One handle height adjustment option
                • Collapsible handle allows for more storage space
                • Quiet

                The Bad:

                • Too fast for a lot of people
                • Plastic material
                • Flimsy looking wheels
                • Battery defects are common and you only have 1yr warranty on the batteries.
                • Performance time is shorter than advertised
                • Blade is dull out of the box
                • Does not perform well on wet grass
                • Not waterproof
                • Heavy

                My Final Opinion

                This mower would work very well on small lawns of 1/6 acres. The batteries die on average 30 minutes which should be enough to mow a small lawn.

                The replacement batteries cost almost $200 and most customers complained that they must be replaced every year so this will be a major problem for you if you are trying to limit your maintenance costs.

                Update: Roybi released of a 40V lithium ion self propelled mower in 2017. Is it any good? This will be in the suggested articles below when the review becomes available.

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                1. Why no reason for the low grade on the snapper. I have owned all of these. I agree with the Ryobi, but I would put the snapper on par with the green works. The ego is by far the better designed mower, but I kept the snapper because the people hear that ego buzzword and pay higher price, so I kept the snapper. Both people who bought my greenworks hinted they were unhappy

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