WORX Landroid Review – WG794 28-volt

This WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower review was done for people who are trying to decide if this WORX Landroid Mower is good value for the money being spent on it. The WORX Landroid mower looks good on paper but how well will it cut your lawn? Many robotic mowers are just not worth the buy except to show off on the neighbors. Robotic mowers can be very problematic, getting stuck all over the lawn and sending error messages all over the place.

‘Let us weed out the bad from the good in mower choices out there.’

(Yes, I do realize that this is a cheesy line but be honest 🙂 you will remember it after leaving here)

Product: WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Company: WORX

General Market Price: USD $900 – USD $1300/ 999.96 at WORX Website 

Where to buy for the best price: eBay at $925 



WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower Review
  • Power
  • Design
  • Ease of use when manual is followed
  • Performance and efficiency
  • Durability
  • Ease of locating replacements for wearable parts
  • Customer service support from company
  • Value


After considering all of the factors mentioned above, is the cordless electric mower worth it? Some brands will give a killer price for a product that is all hype and no substance. In my opinion, even though this model could use some improvements, WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower is worth every penny.

Specs on WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower


How the WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower works

The WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower works with the guidance of a low voltage perimeter wire placed around the boundaries of your lawn. Landroid will detect the signals from the wire and mow within the boundaries then use it as a guide to go back to its charging station. You can set boundaries to protect your flowers and other plants. This wire can be buried so that it says put and the mower does not cut it. It comes with pegs to line out and anchor the perimeter wire and the charging station. WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower is set up to mow as soon and you take it out of the box and place it on your lawn but you can make adjustments to suit your lawn.

These are the areas of the WORX Landroid robotic lawn mower that we will be focusing on:



Ease of use 

Performance and Efficiency

Cons and Complaints from buyers

Pros and Praises from buyers


Ease of locating replacements for wearable parts

Customer service support from the company



Reality Versus Expectations


Throughout this review, we will look at reality versus expectations. So before we start, take a look at this WORX Landroid Review done by the WORX company so that you can see what they claim that the mower can do.




The power of a lawn mower is very important to determine how it will handle your grass and other small shrubs. The battery delivers 28 V and pushes satisfactory motor power from the machine. What really matters here is that the mower blades can rotate fast enough to get a clean cut and the machine can push over some hilly terrains up to 20 Degrees. There are more powerful robotic mowers out there like the Robomow but those are much more expensive. For the power the Landroid mower provides, the price is more than reasonable. The WORX Landroid Mower is, in my opinion, the best value for your money at this competitive price of slightly less than $1000 at most stores.

Based on customer reviews, it will go over slopes up to 20 Degrees in straight lines without overcompensating and messing up your lawn.  Anything above 25 Degrees and it turns right back. From 20 degrees the quality of the cut decreases and you find that there are spots of un-leveled cuts, some high and some low. It is not very noticeable but for all the neat freaks, you might want to look at your lawn more carefully to see how high those slopes are. For the price, I would make an exception.


The final verdict on power – If you have a lot of hills on your lawn that are above 20 Degrees I suggest that you get a different mower or be prepared to go over the slopes with another mower. If you have a flat lawn or one with minor elevations below the 20 Degrees mark, then this little Landroid robot mower is your guy.


We took a look at the blade rotation speed also. It does a pretty darn good job based on what we have seen. It cuts the grass into pieces so small that they will do just what the WORX review said (fertilize your lawn and help to trap soil moisture). You do not have to rake after. You do have to trim your lawn before letting the Landroid loose on it.


WORX made the Landroid bot with convenience in mind but there are some flaws. Take a look at the aspects below.

User Interface 

This is a very reactive, impressive, and intelligent user interface that can be programmed manually. It is not connected to WiFi which is the latest technology in user interfaces for robotic lawn mowers. Therefore, this lawn mower cannot connect to your phone for programming or guidance from a distance. However, it does well on its own after you give it commands.

Size and Weight:

The Landroid 794 has a product dimension of  22 x 15 x 9.5 inches and weighs 36 lbs. Pretty neat little bot. It can be transported easily if you want to lend it to a friend (or show off) or help out your family members with their lawn.

Start option:

Push-button which is pretty convenient. My only fault with this is that the button is not covered to prevent any damages from the elements.

Heights of grass cut:

Landroid can cut at 5 different heights and it can be adjusted easily. The heights vary between 2-6 cm which is okay for most people. I cannot imagine why you would go higher or lower for your yard.

Safety features and signals:

Protection from blades and other dangerous parts.

The blades are well inside the parameters of the robot. Added to this, this little guy is smart -the blades stop running as soon as it is lifted to expose the blades. Accidentally running over your foot is not likely as it has a sensor and will stop and turn if it comes upon any immovable object.

Rain sensor

Landroid has a rain sensor but it takes a while before the sensor realizes that is it raining. It will work through a drizzle for prolonged periods but if the rain gets heavy it will return to base.

Anti-theft features

Landroid comes with pin enabled lock and an anti-theft alarm system which is the only thing loud about it.

Noise level:

This will definitely not disturb the neighbor’s football game, wake the baby in your house or your miserable wife/husband. It gets the job done very quietly.

Ease of use: 


Here is a YouTube video from the WORX company with a general video tutorial showing a shortened explanation of how to install and use the mower.




How easy is it to install and start the Landroid Mower?

To start it is as easy as a press of a button and it is ready to go. As the video above shows, it is not a grueling task to set it up. It will take a few hours to line a full 1000 square meter lawn if it is your first ball game with these bots. What people find hardest is setting up the charging base in a flat enough area so that the Landroid bot can actually mount it. There are complaints of the bot not being able to find the charging port but this is mainly due to incorrect placement of the guide wires. The guidewire should be placed 14″ or more away from borders so that the bot does not get stuck or confused on its way back home. If the charging base is not on a flat surface when it finally gets home or if the base is not fastened to the ground properly, the base will keep shifting and the Landroid bot will not mount well enough to charge and you will find a dead mower and a partially mowed lawn.

Ease of programming

This mower comes pre-programmed and ready to work as soon as it touches your lawn. However, to change the programming to schedule your cuts and time duration of cutting is pretty simple. The up and down buttons will give the options to be selected and changed. This will come in handy for different seasons as the grass will grow at different rates. For example, if it is rainy you will want the Landroid to spend more time on your lawn as the grass grows faster in the rainy season. You just press up and down keys to increase or decrease the cutting times by percentages. The manual is simple to follow for this. REMEMBER to follow the manual. It is easy to follow. This is the major problem people are having with these bots. Doing your own thing initially will fail 80% of the time. After you get used to it then you can make a few tweaks here and there with the mowing lawn size (tell the bot that the lawn is bigger than what it actually is to get a better quality cut), grass height, etc.

Landroid has periodic interface updates that you can download.

Summary of the performance and efficiency of the WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Customer review showing the WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower in action on his lawn


I am very impressed with this robotic lawn mower. It gets clean, even cuts while covering up to 10,750 square feet at maximum efficiency. It decelerates upon sensing obstacles and the turns are great. Unlike some mowers that get stuck into a constant to a fro motion when maneuvering corners or turning a 360, the Landroid stops and makes a nice smooth turn and is on its way.

The slope limit is acceptable and it actually cuts evenly over slopes below 20 Degrees just like the company describes. It can cross over to different sections of your lawn without getting stuck as long as you line the area. Some bots find this very difficult and will run in one area continuously after failing to cross over.

It docks well if you set up the charging station properly but a drawback is that you might have to make minor adjustments every now and then when you come home to a dead mower. You will learn over time the “do’s and don’t” for your yard with an automatic mower. You do not want to leave toys and other small items on the lawn as the mower will rip its way through them. It is electrical so the rain is a limitation but it will get back to base if the rain gets heavy. If your lawn has a lot of trenches then you will learn over time where needs filling when it gets stuck in them.

The zero-emissions from battery operated lawn mowers are definitely a plus. The battery will work for up to an hour before it returns to base to be charged for 90 minutes so it seems as if it does more charging than working but hey, it gets the job done while your feet are up watching TV in your living room so who’s complaining.

For bigger yards like 5000 square meters, it will take quite some time to complete your lawn so it might have a half-done look most of the time. That is not appealing so you might want to get the Husqvarna Automower 430X or the Husqvarna Automower 450X. Landroid is for smaller lawns but even with your 1000 square meter lawn, you will still need to do trimming like every 1 1/2 months to get rid of those edges left at the guidewire lines of the mower.

This mower really lives up to the company claims.

Cons and Complaints from buyers about WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

We took a good look around on the internet to see what people are really saying about this Landroid mower. For the most part, we realized that most of the complaints arose from incorrect procedures such as installing the lines too close to the edges. Remember that at least 14″ away from the border is recommended for this Landroid mower. I also saw where customers were installing the lines at right angles! You must make the turns nicely curved or you will end up with the mower cutting your lines each time and the mower will not find its way back to the battery. Also, remember to place the charger on a flat surface and get it pegged down so that it does not shift when the mower is trying to mount it.
Here is a video showing some epic fails when installing your Landroid mower system.

I found this while looking for good video reviews to show you. I found it hilarious how he kept expecting the mower to do what the robot is not programmed to do after his obvious installation fails, which he acknowledged. He seemed to have great respect for his Landroid though.

Disclaimer, this guy gets frustrated and utters a few F words at times above 13 minutes and thus is not recommended for anyone below the age of 18 without adult supervision.



There were however some valid complaints from customers. They also recommended some improvements needed. These include:

  1. This version of the Landroid mower is not programmable by cellphone or remote. This would be more convenient to change mowing schedules, monitor when on vacations, etc.
  2. The start button is not covered. So it is exposed to the elements.
  3. It cannot cut up very steep slopes.
  4. It takes too long to sense and get out of the rain. It has to start pouring heavily before the little guy finally decides to make his way to shelter. The mower is not fully waterproof so that just unfortunate. Here is a review of a fully weatherproof mower, the Husqvarna Automower 430X
  5. It only runs for an hour maximum before it needs to return to the charging base.
  6. Does not get to the edges because the blades are tucked away under the mower for your safety so you will need to manually whip the edges into shape every month or so.
  7. Turns off whenever it gets confused.
  8. Some initial supervision is required to get the tweaks just right for your lawn

Pros and Praise from buyers about WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

To be fair, we will also consider the positive comments given on the product indicating the best part of owning the electric device.

Take a look at this video comparing Landroid with another prominent robotic lawn mower


  1. It does not leave clumps of grass in your yard for you to rake. It leaves small clippings that are great for your lawn in terms of soil water retention and fertilization.
  2. It will spread dried dog dropping evenly in your lawn which is good for fertilization but does not overdo it! You still need to get a poopy scooper
  3. It does not leave tire marks in your grass. It runs in all directions leaving a smooth finish.
  4. It has zero harmful emissions.
  5. It turns pretty well to avoid getting stuck after meeting an obstacle.
  6. It goes over slopes that other mowers at higher prices are incapable of handling.
  7. It is very safe to use as the blades stop when lifting or tilting the mower.
  8. Can cross over to different sections of your lawn through tight spaces as seen in the video above. A lot of robotic mowers find it hard or impossible to do this.
  9. It is not ridiculously expensive and we were able to find a 10% discount on eBay from an expert seller with a very high trust rate.


I have seen reviews where the Landroid 794 is going into its third year without any issues. You have to sharpen the blades at least once per month if your lawn is 1000 square meters. The other features really depend on how well you take care of your bot. You get a three-year warranty from WORX when you purchase.

Ease of locating replacement parts and accessories

The company sells replacement wires, blades, etc.  Replacement parts are easily available online and very affordable on eBay and Amazon. WORX also have trimmers and other accessories to take care of the areas around the perimeter wire that this mower cannot reach.

Customer service support from WORX

Value -Final Verdict 

After considering all of the factors mentioned above, is the cordless electric mower worth your money? Some brands will give a killer price for a product that is all hype and no substance. WORX managed to drop their price right below that magic number of $1000 so if you search well you will find them at prices below that. In my opinion, even though this model needs some improvements, WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower is worth every penny.

Where to buy new WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower for the best price


A great option was found on Amazon as seen below. You can use this link to view customer reviews of the product.


UPDATE: Newer model now available!


30 thoughts on “WORX Landroid Review – WG794 28-volt”

  1. I have had my worx less than a month & so far it hasn’t worked. The company sent me a new base as the light was green, the wires are installed & inserted in the base correctly & the mower still said it was outside of the mowing area. I just connected the new base & have the same problem. Technical support is closed now. I’m calling them back tomorrow & returning it!

    • Hey Emily,

      You must be frustrated. It sounds to me like the automower is the problem. Ask them to exchange it. This is not typical of WORX mowers. Don’t give up on the automower just yet.

      Let me know how it all works out


  2. I got one and I hate it. The set up is very difficult and just like the guy showed in the vid, it constantly messes up because the wire is not right here, the wire is not right there etc: it stops constantly. I THINK IT IS A LOT OF AGGRIVATION and for the five minutes it works the amount of time of aggravation I would have had the whole yard moved.
    The concept is good but the whole design IS HORRIBLE AND USELESS 75% of the time.
    They need to get rid of the wire. It needs to come with a housing or a much longer cord so that it can be placed in the shed. Who leaves their yard tools in the yard? slobs.
    The design is very poor. Until they come up with a better design don’t waste your time or money.

    • Hey Martin,
      Thanks for leaving your feedback on this mower.

      The wire placement does get a bit tricky and takes a bit of adjusting before it works just right, just as the video suggested. It takes some patience but when you get it just right, it is a great tool to have.
      Questions for you..
      How long have you had yours?
      Also, does your lawn meet all the specifications for use of this particular robotic mower?

  3. Hi Crystal.

    I am stunned, I did not even know there were robotic lawn mowers out there! I love the idea of just letting that machine do all the work for me and keeping my lawn pristine.

    I am sure as time goes by the price will come down significantly but you have to pay the right price or you may encounter problems.

    I am impressed that this lawn mower can detect boundaries from burying a wire below ground. This an amazing feature so you never have to worry about your followers and baby shrubs.

    Can you tell me Crystal, are there robotic lawnmowers that are a bit cheaper for my budget, if so, what recommendations would you make?

    Thank you Crystal.



  4. It sounds like a very good lawnmower. Too bad it does not connect to Wi-Fi and as a result I can’t use my phone to customize it the way I want. I guess it doesn’t matter to my buddy because he has a big lawn that might need a lawn mower like this. He is not tech savvy so this might even work better for him. I have been through his lawn before and it’s definitely not slopey or hilly. So the 20° you mentioned shouldn’t be a problem. The only problem he might have his not being able to install the charging mount correctly. Do you have tips that can help him better prevent this?

    • Hey Win Bill,

      He cannot go wrong with the manual. A very detailed manual comes with the WORX Landroid robotic mowers. He could also use the manual in conjunction with the video here from WORX showing how to install the mower.

      If he still does not think this will help him, he can send us a message from our contact C-ELMR page and use the “Contact other” section to request a suggestion for an installation crew near him. We will find one for him. 

  5. This product is thoroughly explained, I like that the product does a good job on most lawns. My lawn does not have any slopes so it will do just fine. I also like that you don’t have to rake your lawn after the little bot is finished because it cuts the grass into such small pieces that always a plus no extra work. I think this is the most attractive feature for me.

    It is great that the landroid can cut at 5 different heights and it is easily transported and is not a piece of equipment that you have to make sure the neighbors are all awake before you can use it. I hate that about gas mowers. The fact that you cannot connect to wifi is an important but manually the bot seems to do very well.

    It was excellent that you gave pros and con from people already using the bot and not just your personal opinion. Important to let consumers know there is no emission from the battery. Eco-friendly is the best way to go. It has an anti-theft alarm, wonderful.

     For the money it’s an excellent unit. 

    • Yeah this is a great robotic lawn mower. Anti-theft features are very  important on robotic lawn mowers because they  are usually very  expensive and super attractive on your lawn. If  there is a thief passing through your neighborhood I am sure their eyes would love to behold one of these. It is my favorite robotic mower under USD $1000. 

  6. Thanks for your review here and I personally like Robot Stuff.

    Is it easy to operate as compared to others out there? how about the maintenance?

    How can I make the purchase and how long does it take to deliver to my country?

    Great review and thanks for letting me know this brand.

    My first time hears about this brand indeed.


    • Hey Max.

      Maintenance costs are next to none. You have to sharpen the blades every month or so but otherwise, all you need is electricity on your premises. 

      You can purchase the Landroid Robotic Mower at the link I provided below the article. It the most affordable price we found online. It it from a seller on eBay offering a 10% discount on new Landroids. You can take a look at it. 

      To answer your question about the delivery time, I would need to know where you are from? You can ask the seller these questions by using the contact information provided below the product after visiting the link. The delivery time is based on where the mower is going.

  7. First of all, you did an amazing job answering all my questions about this mower! It’s pretty slick and I’d like to have one… But we have a property with a lot of hills…and I’m pretty sure they are more then 20 degrees… so I’m not sure this one is powerful enough. But there are so many features (like a weight of only 36 pounds and zero emissions!! ) that are really great. Thanks for the great review.

    • Hey Jackie,

      Thank you. And you are right. The WORX automower would not work for you. The Husqvarna robotic mower would be your guy. It goes up to 45 degrees of slopes and performs better than the WORX on slopes overall.

      Here is the link to a review we did on it. Review of Husqvarna Robotic Mower  

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. We have a bot for vacuuming and one that washes the hard floors. This bot lawn mower is amazing. It was good to see how it looks when working through your videos. My first thought was – my wife’s flowers – but that is covered with the boundary fence. I think the pros out weigh the cons you mentioned. I know a few people that need this information.

    • Hey Anastazja,

      Your wife seems like we could be best friends. A robot for everything. You should also take a look as the Husqvarna robotic lawn mower. It covers bigger lawns than  the Worx 794 automower, climbs higher slopes and works better in the rain. 

      Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing. Support is always appreciated!

  9. Wow!! That video was awesome! I had not idea that cordless mowers even existed. Cool product, I could see me getting this for my husband for Christmas. Can it mow in a specific pattern? Would I be able to program it to do that? I see in the video it’s kind of all over the place. Wasnt sure if that was just for the video, or if it actually cuts grass like that.

    This review was very well written, loved the site. Very innovative product. Thanks for the share!

    • Hey C.R

      Thanks for the kind comments about our Website. The Worx robotic lawn mower can mow in patterns. All you have to do is set the boundary wires in the pattern that you want it to mow in. It really does mow all over the place within the boundary wires until it gets your lawn on one level. It does not leave any tire marks or lines on your lawn. In the end, you will have a smoother, more plush and healthy lawn.


  10. Awesome review on the robotic lawn mower. I was actually thinking about purchasing this machine but I was on the fence about it. Good thing I found your review when I did! I have another friend who also was thinking of getting this lawn mower. I will definitely be passing this along to him to read as well. Keep up the good work and I will definitely bookmark this site!



    • Hey Shawn F.

      Happy to help. This mower is a very good choice, especially if you have a small lawn with minor slopes less than the 20 Degrees. If you have a bigger lawn with a lot of slopes and you live in a very rainy area, you should take a look at this Husqvarna 430x automower review before making up your mind about Landroid. Landroid is a great little bot with magnificent features for an affordable price but it does not handle steep slopes well.  

      Thanks for sharing Shawn with your friends and bookmarking. I appreciate the support!

  11. Great review of WORX robotic mower. Thanks for the 10% discount link! I got mine 2 days ago and ran the guide wires that same day. I followed the video you have there for the installation of the wires and the charging base. It took me the greater part of the afternoon. I wanted to test it out for myself before commenting. I was planning to buy one for a while now but I was not sure if it could handle my lawn. It has a few patches and a slight slope about 15 Degrees. So like you said, I patched the areas where the mower was getting stuck and now it works great! It is the envy of the neighborhood. My dog is afraid of it though. Hopefully he will get used to it in time. Thanks again!

    • Hey Nicoda,

      Thanks for supporting our Website. I am glad you were satisfied with your purchase. Worx really does great work. I hope your dog gets acquainted with the little bot soon. I would hate to see him uncomfortable in his own yard!


  12. Interesting review on this robotic lawn mower, it does sound like a homeowners dream who dislikes mowing their lawn.

    I have only one concern on a robotic lawn mower, every video I see the robotic mowers are mowing nice level lawns but my lawn has hilly areas with dips so will this mower mow efficiently with hills and dips in my yard?

    • Hey Jeffrey,

      Well as I wrote in the review, it can handle slopes up to 20 Degrees without much trouble. If you have hills higher than that I would suggest the Husqvarna 430X. It has excellent power and works perfectly in hills and dips. It works better with sharper boundaries and is fully weather proof. It mows in the rain. Amazing little bot. It is more expensive but it is worth the price for the quality you get. Here is the link for a review of the husqvarna 430X


      I hope that helps Jeffrey

  13. The bots are here! The bots are here! Amazing! Not only that…the thing’s so darned cute!

    Thank you for the thorough review. Your review is well-done, covering every point a lawn owner would be concerned about when considering a machine like this.

    The videos showing the bot in action were well-chosen, I think. The one showing the importance of proper installation does point up the one downfall of the whole concept: People have to do what the machines need them to do.

    My yard in the jungle really has no large expanses of grass, a few steep inclines and lots of gnarly tree roots running around everywhere so this machine probably would not work for me. However, I do know a number of people for whom they might prove a boon. I’ll pass this along to them.

    • Hey Netta, 

      They are indeed here! Robots are so cool. This Landroid robotic lawnmower is no exception. I feel like a kid or a teen every time I see one. They have been here for a while but many people do not know about them.

      I appreciate your kind comments about my review. I love the topic I am writing about and I care about the value each reader gets from my reviews so I try to do them well. This WORX Landroid robotic lawn mower is my favorite robotic lawn mower under USD $1000. 

      Thanks for sharing with your friends. Your support is appreciated!  

  14. Hello this mower is very unique I saw one on eBay but never saw how it works until I watched your video, this is pretty amazing all I can say is what will they think of next, having a lawn mower that cuts your lawn on its own just set it and let it go. This is something that I know a lot of your views would love to see.

    • Hey Norman,

      I know what you mean. The idea of robots is still a futuristic concept to most people but  the bots are here! I get very excited when I  see  new  technology. These guys have  been  around  for some years though. The WORX Landroid mower does a very good job and is very convenient for people like me who would not have the time to be out cutting the lawn. 

      Thanks for stopping by. More interesting posts to come


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