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WORX WG772 56V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Cordless Mower

WORX WG772 56V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Cordless Mower







        Efficiency and Ease of Use




            Warranty and Support


              Ease of finding replacement parts




                  Pros and Praises from buyers

                  • Push button start option
                  • One handle height adjustments
                  • Great grass cut quality for bagging, mulching and sideways discharge.
                  • Cuts through tall, thick grass without bogging down
                  • Intellicut feature - for battery conservation
                  • Has dual edge mulching blades for natural lawn fertilization
                  • Battery level indicators on battery
                  • Easy to clean - Wash out port
                  • Convenient storage positions - vertical and horizontal

                  Cons and complaints from buyers

                  • lighter than gas mower but still Heavy for some people
                  • Batteries are not very durable
                  • Hard to reach customer care reps through phonecalls
                  • No local repair shops

                  This WORX WG772 56 Volt 2.5Ah cordless electric mower was reviewed and compared to similar lawn mowers. This was meant to be an eco friendly, powerful solution to your smelly gas mower. WORX took the design on step above the competition with some features but we also found some flaws. So should you purchase this mower? It depends on what you can live with.

                  To find out how well this mower will cut your lawn, you should focus on the following areas:

                  1. Design
                  2. Power and Performance
                  3. Efficiency and ease of use
                  4. Durability
                  5. Ease of locating replacement parts
                  6. Warranty and Support from company
                  7. Overall Value

                  We made your life a lot easier by reviewing each aspect above for you. The good and the ugly are broken down for you below.

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                  Product: WORX WG772 56 Volt 2.5Ah cordless electric mower

                  General Market Price: USD $550 (Subject to change–> check current prices via links provided below)

                  Warranty: 3 year Limited warranty with 90 days money back guarantee

                  Best Deal Online: Amazon

                  What’s inside the box?

                  What will you be getting with the WORX WG772 purchase?

                  (Click on each image below to view individual details and prices on Amazon)

                  1 WORX WG772 56 Volt mower

                  1 WORX WA3859 56V Lithium Ion Charger 

                  2 WORX WA3555 56V 2.5 Ah Lithium Ion Battery

                  Design – Many impressive features, small drawback

                  This mower was designed well but it had some minor drawbacks. Before we get into all of that, take a look at this video explaining the major features of the mower and how they work.

                  We loved a lot of things about this design. It is not perfect but the good outweighs the bad.

                  Design Pros

                  Convenient push start option

                  Eliminates the annoying cord pulling of the gas mowers. Just the push of a button and the pull of the bail switch and you are ready to roll. Happy riddance to that pull string feature from the gas mowers.

                  3-in-1 bagging, mulching and sideways discharge available

                  Always good to have options. Nobody really uses sideways discharge anymore, unless you love to rake.

                  Intellicut feature – for battery conservation

                  This WORX mower gives us the option to go on eco mode or power mode depending on the consistency of your grass. For those thick patches, we can use the power option then switch to eco mode when the grass is thin.

                  Battery level indicators on battery and handle

                  This tells you how much energy is left in your battery with the push of a button. In a similar way, battery level is indicated on the handles while mowing. The mower comes with two batteries but it can work with just one.

                  One handle adjust the heights of all four wheels.

                  This is an upgrade from having to adjust both the back and front wheels. The variation in height adjustments is also satisfactory. There are 7 height adjustments between 1 1/4 inches and 4 inches.

                  Wash-out port – Simple yet amazing

                  The hose attachment on the side of the mower makes it easy to clean the grass from the bottom of the mower. You do not see this feature on most electric mowers.

                  Vertical storage option

                  Saves us some space so no need to get rid off all the clutter to fit this one in.

                  Design Con

                  • Lighter than gas mowers but still heavy for some people to push, especially up hill.
                  • Batteries take 3 hours to charge

                  Power – Can it handle your lawn?

                  This is one of the more powerful mowers on the market. With the 56V 2.5Ah batteries, these mowers have the capacity to deliver 140W of power each hour. How does that translate into performance? Well they do a pretty good job.

                  Performance – What can your WORX mower really do??

                  • Grass cut quality was excellent.
                  • Bagging was good.
                  • Mulching is good.
                  • 7th-position (4″) height adjustment allows the WORX mower to handle tall grass well without stalling.
                  • Battery allows you to cut 1/4 Acres for 35-40 minutes in moderately grown grass.
                  • Cuts wet grass well
                  • Mulches damp leaves.


                  The bad:

                  • Battery dies faster in thick, overgrown grass.


                  Efficiency and ease of use? Is it hard to mow with your WG772?

                  It comes fully pre-assembled. The only thing you need to do is charge the battery for 5hrs initially then you are ready to mow.

                  The easy parts

                  • Removing and replacing the battery is made simple – you just push the batteries in and it snaps in place.
                  • Charging it is simple, just plug the charger to a power outlet and place the battery in the allotted slot.
                  • Fitting and removing the bag it is no trouble at all.
                  • Adjusting the handle height is made simple by the adjusters on the handle.
                  • Both batteries are placed in the mower at once so unlike other mowers, you do not need to stop to replace batteries when one dies.

                  The not so easy part

                  • Steel deck makes for really good durability but it really adds to the weight, especially with two batteries. It is heavy to push when the bag is almost full. A self propelled feature would have been awesome here.

                  Durability. How long will this mower last?

                  The only problems we found here were that the blades seemed a bit thin and there have been complaints about faulty batteries. The mower itself looks very strong with steel deck, sturdy handles and wheel attachments.

                  Ease of locating replacement parts

                  This is pretty easy. Like the mower, the parts can be ordered on amazon and delivered to your front door.

                  Replacement batteries, chargers, wheels and assembling parts, blades etc are found separately on Amazon.

                  Customer service from company

                  Averaged because there have been complaints that the phone lines are hard to reach and that there are no service shops locally so the mower has to be shipped back to the company for repairs. 

                  Value – Is this WORX cordless mower a worthy Purchase?

                  Thumbs up from C-ELMR

                  This mower is worth the purchase if you have a small to medium sized lawn. What we love about this mower is that it has a great design and it gets the job done. It has two 56V batteries included in the purchase and the batteries and charger can be used in other WORX products.

                  Another WORX 56V mower with caster wheels (360 Degree turning wheels) was also released. Take a look at the review here

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