Honda MIIMO 3000 with AI

Your Robotic Lawnmower can talk to you! Honda MIIMO with AI

Very interesting thing happened at an expo in Tokyo. Honda announced an entire line of electronics that will be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that not only independently mows your lawn, but can talk to you. Among these was a Robotic Lawnmower from the Honda MIIMO line that will be able to interact with its users to give a better user experience.

Besides all the fancy pants talk, this little guy looks really futuristic.

Like all the MIIMO bots, this will have an app that will allow you to programme it from your iOS or Android device.  Therefore, you will be able to schedule your mows to your lawn growth. This will be the most advanced robotic mower on the market simply because it talks to you.

Can a talking robot cut your lawn better than a “none-talking” robotic mower?

A talking robot is very entertaining and futuristic but how much good can it’s words do? If it helps with diagnosing itself then that would be great. If it will only be telling me the same things that the Husqvarna automower does through their Satellite connected app, then however cool a talking robot may be, it would not be very beneficial for anyone but the blind.

Honda releasing talking lawnmower

To everybody else, It would just be another cool, useless feature. It would definitely be very impressive, a show stopper for all your friends but how well will it cut your lawn?

VERSUS        competition just got real!


Husqvarna plans to release an improved version of the Husqvarna X line of mowers but I do not think they will have AI that allows the automowers to talk to you. Honda is really blowing every other brand out of the park with this one.


2 thoughts on “Your Robotic Lawnmower can talk to you! Honda MIIMO with AI”

  1. Very interesting Crystal!
    I would like to have my personal lawnmower to control. I don’t think it’s creepy but for someone it may be because imagine when you are alone in the house and suddenly you hear some voice! Maybe you know how much it cost?
    In any case, really great!
    Keep up the good work!

    • lol that would be creepy. I love technology and this is a step in the right direction. I think it will be very beneficial for people with visual impairments so thumbs up to Honda!

      I don’t know the cost yet. Will update as soon as I get that info. I will do a thorough review as soon as it drops! Thanks for dropping in and sharing your views! Happy Holidays!


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